While Mom Works..

Hey watch out ...I am under this big chair!
Guess I will stay here and squeeze this toy until it..SQUEALS!

doo, doo dooo de da

Wonder how many chews it takes to get the center of this thing??

Those pics are a glimpse of what I do when mom works. She works at home everyday. I use to cry and be very sad when she could not play, but now I have more self control.. a little more. When she works now..I either chew, sleep or play under her desk. There are a few reasons why I can do this now.. I know when she gets up from her desk...we go to the park ASAP. She needs the stretch as do I. She also gives me treats sometimes while she works..yummm, like part of her banana :)

Mom wants to share the articles below...for all of you dogs, cats, birds, hamsters..etc.. that have humans that work from home.

Have a "wooferful" Thursday friends!!


  1. Hi Olive...I'm a cat but I enjoy your blog and the link you gave. You are a very pretty puppy with a lovely red coat. Lab/boxer mix makes a pretty lady. Mom calls me a Heinz 57 kitty. Mom had a boxer bull as a child. She said he was quite protective of her. How lucky to have you Mom home all day.Madi and Mom

  2. We don't get to play with noisy toys very often - we were told we don't know when to stop. Something about 3AM...

  3. I agree with Madi! You´re so lucky your mom works at home. Mommy works out :(
    She usually gives me part of her banana too ;)
    Have a "wooferful" Friday Olive!

  4. Hi, Olive!
    I wish my mom could work here at home! You are so good letting your mom work!
    Squeakie toys are the best! I used to make mine squeak in the middle of the night but now I prefer to sleep all night long!
    Kisses and hugs


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