More Baby Pictures!

Can you guess which puppy was me??

Who's That Girl?

****UPDATE ON THIS STORY!! HER NAME...drum roll please....FOXY!

Woof Woof...I have a new friend...she is so cute and cuddly. :) But her human has not told me her name. Hoping some friends can help me figure it out. She looks like a Buttercup or maybe Sprinkles ..
So send me your guesses..email or comment, please.. for now she remains..Nameless :(


Another Rainy Day....

Yet another morning that I wake up to rain..but my human still makes me tag along as she walks. It was actually quite fun ...we splashed in puddles and I rolled in mud :)

A perfect morning....back to chewing :)


Sweet Treats and Long Days...

Just another hot summer day...had a few good walks and saw some friends tonight. Rudy and Jasmine joined us for our walk. I was too tired and had to rest very often and eat many snacks :)

My Mom found some yummy recipes today please check them out :)



Friends at the Park!

Jasmine is so happy to smile for the camera!!



Good day to sleep and stay cozy..we are getting much needed rain here.

Found this section all about DOGS while looking through The New York Times today..wanted to share.


Dressing Up the Dog

Awww..poor doggie! What are they making him wear?? This is from our family slide collection ...I stumbled upon this and had to share it with my friends.


Before I became Olive ...

These are pics of me before I became Olive :) I lived with a wonderful foster mommy and all of my beautiful siblings :) See how I have grown and changed?? Its amazing when I dare to look in the mirror now...I am a different dog :)
Please adopt a pet...we all need a loving home very much!! If you need help or don't know how, ask me, I will be happy to help you :)


okay...this is the best toy!!!
I love when mommy stuffs it full of the
chicken liver paste...yummm keeps me entertained while she is working for a little while :)

Summer Walks


These pictures are of me when I was around 9 weeks or so and was living in my home with my new family.
See that rocking chair there...I loved chewing on that!! I have not chewed on that chair in a long time. I have not chewed on much now like I did back then...hmmm...wonder where my dad's slippers are...:)


Welcome to my blog!! I am not one for many word but love pictures!! I am a Lab/boxer Mix..we think and love being a dog!!I am so excited to meet new friends and will try very hard to sit when we meet, but it is hard..I love to jump and lick faces!! If you give me treats though ..I can easily be persuaded. Enjoy my blog and if I forget to say it...It was nice to meet you :)