We Are Family...

I am sure you have seen this video, but I have to share this ... I think they CLONED me!! Click here and Enjoy the little Olive Doggies :) BOL!

I don't bark German though.... but I do like Schnitzel


Happy Holidays!

Whiskers... Teach Me Your Ways...

Mom received a picture from a friend at work and we keep looking at it trying to figure out how cats climb like this?? I am so jealous ..can you teach me to climb my Christmas tree like this?
She seems very happy up there ... I think I would be shaking then the tree would fall over. Maybe I should not climb trees... BOL!

Happy Monday!


Thank You! Have Some Cake!

Thank you everyone for the  birthday wishes!! We had a super day filled with cake and presents! My two favorite things!

That new rubber chicken.. it is already dead. I pulled it apart and mom threw it away! Hmph!!

Now we are just preparing for the holidays! We have the tree up and lights on the house! No gifts under the tree.. I think my people are afraid I will tear the gifts open or something! Muhahaha!

Have a Wonderful day!!! Licks and Tail Wags to you!!