Bad Blogger...

Starting with a big....sigh.

The human has been too caught up in life to blog for me. 

Bad Blogger! Hmph!

I think she also may have forgotten that tomorrow is my birthday! Can you imagine??

Oh well, nothing really I can do..I bark and growl and carry on...she ignores me.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate lots of yummy food!

Looking for a wonderful gift for a special 3-6 year old on your list?? 

Check out my friend Sugar's wonderful new book!

See everyone tomorrow...counting down to my Birthday! Party on Facebook, please join me!


Olive Bag Winner Revealed!

The winner of The Olive Bag is...

Our second prize winner is...


Win the Olive Bag! Enter today!!

You heard that right...CONTEST! Remember when I blogged about the Olive Bag from So-Sew-Cute? You can win your own very own Olive Bag! All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog between October 9th and October 22nd and you will be entered to win!  If you want to increase your odds of winning, you may also enter by leaving a comment on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you link to my blog and to So-Sew-Cute you will also get another entry. Just be sure to let me know all the ways you enter! There will be one Big Winner of the official Bag and another runner up prize. The winner will be chosen at random on October 23rd and announced that week.
The pictures below are of the official Olive Bag! Julie the owner of So-Sew-Cute will let you choose the fabric you want. Thanks so much Julie! As a Special Reward for being a follower of mine...if you shop at So-Sew-Cute , enter the code WOOF at checkout for 20% off!

Good Luck Friends!!


September...I lost you

Anyone know where September has gone?? I woke up today and it was October 1st! 

I am sure you are all wondering where I have been all month?? I wish I could tell you I was travelling the world and exploring new places, but really...I have been sleeping under the desk, walking with the human and just being me. My human has failed me again and neglected to blog for me :( What am I to do with her?? 

 Now it is October.What does October bring to Olive?
Cooler morning walks with the smell of Autumn and the sound of crunchy leaves
Pumpkin treats made especially for me
A house that smells like fresh basked sugar cookies
New bulbs and plants to dig up in the backyard
A silly Halloween bandana that I am forced to wear

What does October bring your way?

We will be announcing a contest here in the next few days. Please stay tuned for more information. I can tell you that the prize is the Olive Bag! So get ready , get excited!!Start telling everyone you know!!

Slideshow Saturday 

Today I am sharing photos from Upstate New York.

Enjoy your first Saturday of October 2011.

The purpose of our lives is to be happy.
Dalai Lama


The Olive Bag!

From the human for the humans :)

 As many of you know, I walk Olive often or am hanging out at the dog park...as a dog owner, I like to be hands free..meaning no purse to carry, keys, etc... I always wear a side body bag. The one I was wearing was getting so worn out , it was not very pretty anymore. So I asked my wonderful friend Julie Leavitt-Lightsey owner of http://www.so-sew-cute.com/  to create a new bag for me! I received it in the mail yesterday! I love it!! Please check it out on her site. The bag is named The Olive Bag!!


The Shaking Box

What a hectic day we are having. Mom is running around shopping for dorm room things and registering the younger human for school.. As a dog, I have no idea what any of that even means except that I am left home alone today. :( While I was home today I watched the box that has all of the people things. Sometimes they are wet then they are dry. Today it made a scary sound because Mom put too many things inside! BOL! That will teach her! It does play a pretty song when the box stops spinning...I like that.

No treats come out though. It would be so much better if it would dispense treats!

Woof Woof!


Under the Desk on Wordless Wednesday!

Note from the human: This what I saw when I looked under my desk yesterday while I was working. Many, many apologies for not keeping up on the blog. We are thinking of you all always. Watch for a post ASAP! Sending all my love and Olive sends a million licks!