GABE..It's...Coming..............It's Almost Here!

Are you ready for it?? Are you EXCITED??

Woof Woof!!! If you have not heard yet..Twinkie is hosting this Fabulous event--GABE-Global Animal Blogging Event 2010!! If you want to pawticipate... please check it out. You can meet lots of new blogger firends and maybe..maybe win a PRIZE!!! You can just check all the blogs out  or really get involved and offer up a prize or two..or three. ..BOL! Please see Twink for more information!! We are excited!!!

We will have a prize on our blog too..more to come on that!! How can you win a prize at our blog??? Just comment on the blog between April 1st and April 18th to be in the drawing.

Also wanted to say Thank You to Dogster for naming us a recommended blog!! Please check out our Dogster page!

Thanks to Fiesty Three for my new award too!!! I love it!!
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Oh my Dog! Is it Friday?? Tag....who is it???

Thank You Daisy for the Photo Meme Tag! Here is mine...

The story behind that photo...I was playing Tug O War with one of my boys...I always WIN! One growl or a show of my big bad teeth and he drops it! Muhahaha!

Who am I going to Tag??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I Tag...........

4.The Fiesty Three! (They were tagged recently..but this is the most RECENT folder..different game..BOL)

How to play:

1. Open your most recent photo folder..like today's folder..or yesterday's folder.... :)

2. Select the tenth photo in the photo folder..if you don't have 10..choose the last one

3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it

4. Tag five more peeps or dogs or kitties or rats or hamsters or goats..squirrels :) 
I also recieved the Sunshine Award from my friend Sugar!! Thank You so much!!!!

I would like to share this award with the following friends...You are my Sunshine...My only Sunshine...You Make me Happy ...

Pass along the Sunshine please....

I will be around to sniff all your blogs this weekend..What hectic week AGAIN! I am thinking about everyone and can't wait to see what you have been up to!!

Many Licks from me!!!

One last thing..........
I will post more to come on this... this weekend..In the mean time stop by the headquarters for G.A.B.E TODAY!


Thank You for the Thank You....And...My Puppies???

Awww..I received this wonderful Thank You card from my friend Madi!!! Thank You Madi for the Thank You card!

I have chewing issues..I think everyone knows me well enough now to know that..One of the boys gave me these two little puppy dog toys a long time ago and they are full of stuffing, but they are still full! I have nibbled on one them..slightly..chewing up the little paws, but nothing like I am famous for. The family call them my Baby Puppies..and sometimes I carry them around..I sleep with them and if told to get a baby puppy..I go and pick one up.Want to see them???


Have a Wooferful Weekend!! Slide Show Friday!

Hmmm, I may stay here snuggly and comfy on the sofa with my Snuggie all weekend! Hope everyone had a great week..it seems like it was a hectic week, it has tired me out...Yawnnnnn

Slide  from the Adirondacks...I believe around 1976 or so. Dad standing..looking silly and Uncle Andy..cleaning up :) I wish we were there now...be a wonderful time to go.

Have a Super Weekend Everyone!


Where is Olive?? Oh ..Here I Am! TAG! Are You it??

Wow! Seems like just yesterday it was Wednesday...where did the time go??? Last week I received a TAG from our friends Captain Crunch and Candy at I Need A Sugar Fix. Please stop by and say hello to them!!

What I've got to do:

1. Open my first photo folder

2. Scroll down to the tenth photo

3. Post the photo and tell the story behind it

4. Tag 5 more people
So....here it goes!

This is the 10th photo in my folder..from the Olive Collection. They are the first pictures taken of me after I was adopted and were taken on February 8th. I was sitting in my bed in front of the fireplace in the livingroom. The Sun comes through the front door each day late in the afternoon  and lights up the room. That bed was from my foster family. When I left to come home with my family I was able to bring that with me and it smelled like all of my brothers and sisters...until a few weeks later when I ripped it to shreds!!! Muhahahaha!!
Mom did manage to locate another one exactly like it except for the smells....

Now to TAG you!!
I TAG...

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Thanks Madi!!! Happy Cloudy Monday in Texas Everyone!!

Look at what I got in the mail from my friend Madi!!! I love the white envelopes!! See how I give them love...

Mom said there was more than just the envelope..

It is a wonderful card for St Patrick's Day!!! Thank you so much Madi and Mom!!!

Thank you so much!!! I love the card Madi and Mom!! Madi you are stylin' in that hat!! Hope you have a Wonderful St Patty's Day ..and find your pot of gold!!


Have a wooferful weekend! Thanks to CocoRue! Slideshow Friday!

Thank you so much for the award CoCoRue!

CoCoRue is a wonderful friend that I have had a long time now..please stop by and give out a Woof and few licks too :)

I would like everyone to take this award...Please do and know that I think all of my friends are the BEST!!

So glad it is Friday.....today I went to the vet. I had a red bump on my side that we needed to have looked at. It was a histiocytoma. We had it all checked out and it is benign. We also had EVERYTHING else done today..Yes, I mean EVERYTHING! Those pesky glands too and my nails..all my immunizations and everything. It was a bit like a day at the Puppy Spa for me today... BOL! I am very healthy though and ready for another wonderful year of puppy life :)

Family Slide....
This is a slide from around...1978. That is my Dad and his younger brother with their dog..Willie. My dad is the one in the shorts :)
 Location: Adirondacks, NY

Have a Wooferful Weekend Friends!