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Happy Friday Everyone... Halloween Wubba for Me?

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Happy Friday!! I hope everyone had a great week!! I sure did and it was great stopping by your blogs getting caught up... I still have many to get to and I look forward to them this weekend!

I have a new toy for Halloween!  Want to see it???

This picture makes mom laugh real hard.. I don't think it's very funny...sigh

We shall see how long this Wubba lasts... I think everyone figured by bedtime last night it would be destroyed, but I was cool... it is still squeaking today and has ears and eyes intact. 

Slideshow Friday!
Can you guess the city? How about the year?

Have a great weekend!!


National Olive Week ... I Mean Dog Week

It's National Dog Week!! Twinkie is hosting a contest and you need to get those pics out of your TONGUE!! We all have them so.. show them off!! Stop by and see her and tell her Olive sent you with a BIG Lick!

This is my Contest Entry.. I am the one with the BIG Goofy Tongue!
Happy Licking!


Slideshow Friday.. Visitor in town... and Foxie is 12!

Hi everyone!! I sure hope you had a wonderful week!! It went really fast! We had a fabulous morning hike at the Nature center and met some new doggies.. both Labs and one was named Mozart! We walked by the ponds and even saw a bunny .. a big WHITE rabbit! Could that have been the Easter Bunny??? Nah... BOL!

 This weekend we have a special guest here from Portland, Oregon! We are so excited to see him.. I am going to combine his trip here with slideshow Friday! Oh who is this guest?? It is my Uncle..Uncle Matt! I have never met him and it has been years since the people have seen him! He is here for the SMU game on Saturday!
This is Uncle Matt in 1982.. I think he will look a little bit different when we see him tomorrow!

Happy Birthday to my friend Foxie!!! 
She is 12 years old today!! She does not look 12...wow! Foxie got some great gifts today too it looks like, lucky ducky!

Have a super duper weekend everyone and look for me.. I will be around.
P.S. That movie.... was Julie &Julia :)