Trying to get the bone wayyyyyyyyyy back to those back teeth.

oooh love the bone

Mine..go away now...

I found my bone...it was hiding under the blanket. I knew I smelled it then I took off and ran to the bedroom with it...MY BONE!


Woof!!Happy Thanksgiving

What a wooferful day and we have a tree in our house!! What is mom thinking?? We may get squirrels in here now.!!! I do love this tree in our house..it feels nice when I am under it..and the tree shines all over :)
I am so thankful to all of you for your friendship and thankful that we are all in happy and healthy homes..how lucky we are today.
Eat well and lick your people :)
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Gobble.. Gobble..I mean Woof woof!!


It's Circle Time!

Thank you so much for this award Dory! You are such a great friend!!
Here are the rules:
1. Publish it on your blog, referring the friend who passed it on to you.
2. Share 5 things you like to do.
3. Pass it along to keep the circle growing. I am passing it along to five friends, but PLEASE feel free to take this award and pass it on if you do not have it!
So what are my favorite things to do...hmmm, only 5?
1. I love to go for walks!! All my fans want to see me at the park ..BOL!
2. I love to head out to the kitchen early in the morning and eat my bacon with Dad.
3. I love to ride in the car
4. I love to go to the store and buy new toys!
5. I love ..really love to meet and play ..and sniff other dogs!!
Now I will pass this award around our circle now...to the following wonderful blogger friends!
1. Lorenza, she loves the Yankees ..maybe more than my family which I never thought was possible!
2. Madi , the cat...she was my first cat friend :)
3.Sam..what can I say ,Sam is cool :)

4. Jazzi is so snazzy..woohoo
5.Jack, but Jack does not accept awards much...I will have to ask someone to accept on his behalf if he does not step up to the microphone...
Okay that is it!
10 days until MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
I am getting excited..cake..new toys...a long walk... :)


Sniff Sniff...

I know I smell something...not sure what it is.

Might be under the sofa..maybe the boys dropped their fishy crackers or a wrapper from a candybar ...

No.. no..must be in the blanket.. oh these smells are making me crazy!!! (See how I wrinkle my nose? That helps my special Olive powers get stronger..the wrinkle really makes me indestructible. Super Puppy Powers!)

Okay, I can't take anymore...it is my nap time.

ZzzZzz....have you heard about my snoring yet? I hear it gets pretty loud....


Monday Monday...

Happy Monday!!!
No school today here ..I love it!! I get all play all the time!!
The boy and his band came in 2nd at Grand Nationals on Saturday!! We are so excited for them!!
Mom has been talking about turkey this and turkey that...this will be my first Turkey Day and I am getting so excited. Will a turkey come to my house? I need to get ready!
Not sure if I mentioned this or not...Mom has been buying Lupine Leads for me and..well, I have chewed through them. But she has found as great place to order them and the service is superb..they ship right away so I get my new one really fast..but then I snap it in half...sigh
The company is Pet Expectations and as far as we can tell they ship international as well!! Just click the link for them and have fun!
**Celebrate National Peanut Butter Month with 20% off at Three Dog Bakery!!
Use Coupon Code: Peanut2009


Drum Sticks are not....drumsticks...heads up for all of you!

Been a very hectic week here..the bigger boy is off to compete in a land far away. I am already sad, but when he returns..I will smother him with kisses!!! I coverd his bag with my dog hair so he cant forget about me..good thinking on my part.

He uses drum sticks for his bass drum..see I thought all this time...he meant drumsticks. I was always drooling when they mentioned them and often wondered why his drum sticks did not taste very good when I chewed them up.

So just letting all of you know....Drum sticks may not be drumsticks.


They are off to a national competition today and we are so excited and so proud of all of them!! It amazes me how hard they have worked. Olive will be sad, but when he returns on Sunday night, I am sure she will do her shake dance to welcome him home that she ALWAYS does when we return .
Enjoy the woooferful Wednesday!!


I lost the weekend....sniff sniff

This is me on the weekend.......snuggling on the sofa. I think I am worn out from all the yelling and craziness when the Yankees won the Woof Series last week. Go Yankees!!
I am soon to be a year old...I still feel like a puppy. Mom is thinking now about my big celebration. Since this is my first birthday..I don't know what to expect. Will I get a cake of mine? New Toys? Thinking about it..yawn....makes me more tired.
I did get a chance to check out the front yard some more tonight when we walked. Mom took me out front...it was weird...som hay left and those pumpkin ball things still there. No animals out front ..just a few Olive trees..oh no Olive Trees!! What does that mean?? Are they me..am I them?? You know Mom cooks with this stuff called Olive Oil..is that someone I should know???
Oh I am so confused now. Probably best I go rest again...back to my Snuggie.
Have a wooferful week friends!


Happy Birthday to You...Look who is 14!!

This is how I say Happy Birthday! It is my boy's 14th birthday!! Woohooo!!!

I wanted to eat some cake and thought for sure Mommy would let me...yummmy cake.

No chocolate cake for me ....awwww, I was so sad. I went and had a good cry in the bathroom about it. :(
**Note from Olive's Mom--I wanted to make her a cake of her own and ran out of time :( So I did give her plain and simple ...all natural vanilla bean icecream..a small portion. Enough to enjoy though :) Her birthday is a month away..so I am planning that celebration NOW!!***


Strange things lurking....................Have a Happy Monday!

This picture was actually on Halloween..we went out the front door. We NEVER go out that door. Well, Mom does, to get the things in the box that are fun to open or if that truck leaves us a box of goodies.
I am not sure about the stuff I found out front. Are they always there? Why do we need the hay anyway? Do you think they have animals out front that eat the hay?? Animals other than me???Is that possible?? I may need to do some looking around and see who or what is living out front. Maybe that is why they never take me out that door....hmmmm.
What do you think? What else will I find??