Feeling Like Me Again!

Hi everyone! Many of you heard I was not feeling well the last few days. Everyone has decided I may have eaten something I should not have.... can you imagine me.. doing that?? Huh? Olive? Mom said I think the park is my personal buffet! Would I eat things off the ground?? Hmph! 

Well, whatever you may have heard , I am feeling like... Olive again. I am ready for the week!

Have a "Wooferful" Week!


Friday Friday!

 It is Friday!! Oh my dog! I can hardly believe it!! I hope you had a Wooferful St. Patrick's Day!!

We feasted on corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes , and carrots! Yummmy!! I only ate some carrots which I thought was completely unfair! Hmph!

It is Friday so that means.................Slide Show Friday! Yay!! Where shall we go today?? I don't think we have family pictures from Ireland, but we do have some from Switzerland. Here are a few..

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Look for me.. I will be around to say hello and working on my new blog!! Ha! Mom can't keep with this blog now she has a new one for me! Sigh...


Where to begin?

You see from my last post.. which was 2 weeks ago...what it has come to in my house. Sigh...
What am I to do with this human of mine?? She is neglecting her blogging job for me, we walk and I get to hold the leash?? That is not right! If I protest, she wins. I would playing right into her hands! Do your humans ever let you down like this?? Do they ask you to check their voice mail and return calls too??
I understand she is a bit preoccupied these days...did you know our boy was accepted to UNT College of Music last week?? We are all so very excited for him!! That alone could be making her a bit loopy lately...I will try to give her a second chance..no make that her third, maybe fourth, I lost count.

Since it has been forever since we shared Slide Show Friday...I will today on Sunday.

These are from San Francisco, Modesto, and Hollywood, California around 1961.

Have a wonderful week! 

Thinking of our friends in Japan....