My apologies for the crusty line of drool on the my nose.



A few weeks ago Sugar  had this wonderful contest to celebrate Petfinder's 15th Birthday! Sugar has been very busy making tags for all of us doggies to wear and was generous to offer a tag to a lucky dog that left a comment! I chose the RESCUED tag because that describes me! I was rescued and my people found me on Petfinder!

Here is the tag I won from Sugar and if you want your own tags go see her today!

This was ME when I was on Petfinder! I was Daisy then! Mom and Dad called the Humane Society and said we want Daisy!! I was part of a big litter! I am so glad I was on Petfinder and I was rescued :) 

I only wish now they had adopted more of my family, but we do know that everyone found a loving family.

Thank You Sugar and Mom... I love my tag and I am so proud to have been Rescued! Mom still thinks I was the one that Rescued them.


Coming tomorrow...Look what I have!


108 Degrees in Texas Today! Help Me!

Can you believe the weather in Texas today???

I am not ready for bikini season yet! 

I guess I will just enjoy it while it last.. they say snow next weekend!

April Fool's