Have a Wooferful Weekend!!! Don't you want to play in my backyard???

Oh my dog....what is out there???

Mom....come look...I need to run back to the other window to look again!
What are they???
Stop...Don't Look..leave the blog NOW! Run Away...or Swim Away !!!

BOL!!! I laugh so hard when I see this picture..it makes me cry!!
Hope it tickled your tummy ..Have a "Wooferful" weekend friends!!



What do you think I am looking at ???

Look for the answer in Friday's Post!


Something to "Chew" On!

I still have the stuffies around, but Mom is trying to get me to play with these kind of toys. Nylabones don't last a very long time with me, she really has to watch me with them.

Have a wonderful week friends! I think we need more light in our house.. The videos are usually in the livingroom..it's very dark. You would think Dracula lives here or something!

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Have a Wooferful Weekend! Slideshow Friday and an AWARD!!

These are from the family slide collection...

 The farm in Copake, NY around 1952.

I almost could not believe it was Friday..the week went by so fast!

I was so happy today when I say a post on the blog from The Fiesty Three. Thank you so much for the award and your friendship.
The rules are to list 10 things that make us happy and do at least one of them today and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

What Makes Olive Happy-------------

1. Walking with Mom

2. Bacon at breakfast with Dad.

3. New Toys!!!

4. Riding in the car!!

5. Seeing people...especially seeing her boys come home from school :)

6. Blogging and Twittering... BOL!

7. Kissing EVERYONE!

8. Meeting new doggies

9. Bird Watching..squirrel watching too...

10 Cuddling on the sofa with Mom and Dad

I could go on forever..I think I have a lot of favorites!

Now I would like to present this award to 10 of my friends..although all of you are beautiful bloggers and are very welcome to take it for your blogs too..

2. My friends at Dog Daze
8. My friends at Mchis Blog 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!! I will be reading those beautiful blogs!!!


What Do Olive's Toys Look Like?** Disturbing Images**

Wow, the red one was a Wubba and the Pink one was a Snugga Wubba
I know one toy is  KONG Tennis ball the other toy , I honestly cannot tell what is is anymore.

Taking a break from our walking videos today to share some disturbing images with you. I try to play nice with my toys, but there is something about the toys with faces...and the toys with squeakers...and well most things that I play with. Muhahaha! These are just a few of my favorites from my graveyard of toys, The basket you see the toys resting on is also a resting place for the toys. I know.. I know..it is sad.

 Madi, do you remember the Wubba you sent me for Christmas?

Happy Wednesday!


Happy Snow Valentine's day!

The snow was so amazing! My paws were cold and could not keep still! Everytime I went outside..I was a crazy dog..jumping from pile to pile! The boys tried to make snow forts and bases for the snowball fights, but no way..I kept knocking them over! Muhahaha!I was having none of that!

This was our neighbor's house..across the street from us. We are so lucky no limbs down or any damage at all.
Our snowman..was smothered in snow
Our basketball hoop!

Now it is almost gone..not much snow left. Can't wait for it to snow again! I am READY!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

Much love to you all.....


Have a Wooferful Weekend!!! Winter Wonderland in Texas!

I am sure you have heard...we had the most snowfall in one day in our weather keeping history today!! It snowed all day long..when it's over we could have almost 10 inches of snow! Wowza!! To celebrate the boys and Dad made this new man to live in the yard..a Snowman. He is nice but he is not much for talking.

The roads were pretty scary today when mom was driving and she almost had a few accidents. Not the kind I would have but big ones in the car. We had to get food for me and get the boys from school. Tomorrow school is cancelled and Dad's office even closed up! yay!! Family day with snow!!

We are expecting snow the rest of Thursday then it gets cold and it all freezes for Friday morning...we have NO plans to leave the house, well..except to go in the yard :)

Have a wooferful weekend friends and I will be around your blogs to say hello!!!


Wednesday Walking! Come for a walk with me...with an updated note...

I should add...this was a rare thing to stay so long on the "path". I tend to go wherever the next smell takes me. Mom was excited I walked this long at this pace without pulling her to follow a squirrel or another dog or just to"go". She says this is very good for my nails and since I refuse to let her cut them, I must stay on the "path"...sometimes :)

Happy Walking everyone!!


Happy Adoption Anniversary!

Saturday was the one year anniversary of the day we signed the papers and brought Olive home with us.

These pictures were taken on February 8, 2009
The first pictures we took and now we have hundreds! Adopting Olive has been a wonderful adventure..how lucky we are to have her.

Please take a look at her first video..which was made by her foster mom. See if you can spot Olive(then Daisy... ) She was playing with her brothers and sisters. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week everyone!


Have a Wooferful weekend!! Puppy Bowl Sunday and Come Walk with Me...

My Dad(holding the soccer ball) and Uncle Andrew with Brandy(the dog) in 1977

Thanks for the well wishes for my Dad..been a rough week for everyone I think.Time to smile and celebrate ..no more frowns!It's Puppy Bowl time! Be sure to get your treats ready for the tailgating on Sunday..I am looking forward to the starting line up! Remember..the best sporting event ever??? Well, this is it..we wait all year for this event! I was too little last year..I could not see the TV really... I was too short. This year..I am ready! Be sure to check it out
Puppy Bowl..and for you cats, the kitties do the half time show--Rah Rah Rah!!

They have a complete guide to celebrating this day with your pups!! Party favors, decorations..yummy treats for people and pups! So check it out and have fun!! Oh yeah and I think there is another bowl game on the same day.....you may need to fight the people for the TV. Best of luck to you!

Come walk with me....We got a few walks in...it was rainy and cold but fun! I should mention..it is a very friendly encounter..My favorite part of my walk each day is when I see my friend.

Thinking about you Max.....


Not much Walking this Wednesday....sigh.....

See the red dog tail hook with the leash and harness? Those are mine and there they...hang. We had a quick walk this morning but it got very wet and cold after Mom worked this afternoon.

She was tired as was I. Dad was up all night with horrible neck pain. He was home today from his office and will be for the rest of the week. He has to take some medicine that makes him dizzy. I don't mind him home because I slept under the blanket with him most of the day today.

I do have an update on my Red Goodie Bone Kong Toy that was missing....Not sure how to say this..BUT..Mom had cleaned out my toys a month or so ago. Swapped some old things out with new..you know to keep me entertained. She decided today after she lifted up the sofa and found nothing but some fuzzies and a few goldfish crackers, to check her secret toy stash in her closet. Sure enough...there it was!
She forgot all about it, can you believe it??? Mom...sigh...
Thanks to everyone that helped me look for it..and to the dogs that think they have it at their place...you must have taken it from the wrong Olive! BOL!!!

Happy Wednesday! Woof! Woof!


Missing Toy! Please help me!!

Has anyone seen my toy?? It has been missing a few days now. We have looked all over the house..under the beds, in the sofa...and it is just GONE!!

Last I saw it...was this day I think in the pictures and that was a few weeks ago.

Do you have any idea where it could be?? Where I should look???