Have a Wooferful Weekend!!! Winter Wonderland in Texas!

I am sure you have heard...we had the most snowfall in one day in our weather keeping history today!! It snowed all day long..when it's over we could have almost 10 inches of snow! Wowza!! To celebrate the boys and Dad made this new man to live in the yard..a Snowman. He is nice but he is not much for talking.

The roads were pretty scary today when mom was driving and she almost had a few accidents. Not the kind I would have but big ones in the car. We had to get food for me and get the boys from school. Tomorrow school is cancelled and Dad's office even closed up! yay!! Family day with snow!!

We are expecting snow the rest of Thursday then it gets cold and it all freezes for Friday morning...we have NO plans to leave the house, well..except to go in the yard :)

Have a wooferful weekend friends and I will be around your blogs to say hello!!!


  1. Brrrr Olive, you needs a sweater. Does it really snow in Texas?

  2. Wouldn't you like to have a little chat with Al Gore?

  3. Enjoy your family time :-) I can't imagine so much snow! We have just all come back from a nice beach walk and swim!

  4. Olive
    Where do you live at in Texas? Yah I would give Al Gore a call. NO one has been hearing from him lately, ummmmm wonder why??? lol


  5. O my DOG Olive your world is white!!! So what do you think of the snow? I bet you are romping about and barking like a crazy girl. Handsome snowman too. You all enjoy your Freezing Friday at home. They are threatening us with between 1 and 3" between late night and tomorrow. We'll see. If you get a chance drop by our blog on Sunday...Mom and Dad are celebrating their 40th anniversary there will be a flashback picture.
    Happy Valentine's
    Madi and Mom

  6. Have fun in the snow Olive and make sure you stay warm.
    Happy Snow Day, you've probably never had one of those before!

    Licks and slobbers,

  7. It's falling here too!!! Mom said if she saw this Al Gore fella she wanted to kick him in the butt!!

    This snow stuff is pretty fun!

  8. We love your snowman!! Have fun playing in your snow!! Take lots of pictures!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. HI Olive,

    we wish we had a John Deer tractor so we could drive over to your house and play with you in the snow but all we have is a little red sports car with no top and we can't even get out of our driveway! Maybe in the Spring?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Riley and Star.

  10. Hope you are staying safe and toasty Olive!!


  11. Your snowman has already been to the mall and bought a hat!

  12. Yahoo for snow, and no school! Enjoy yourself Olive :)

  13. A great snowman!!! I love him!!! We had a dusting of snow in Florida!! It did not last. It just melted as soon as it hit the grown.
    Happy Valentine Day on Sunday!!!!
    Have fun, but stay warm!!
    Kiss for you, Bambi & Fern

  14. Have a lovely weekend
    my sweet woof..woof.. friend

    ((hugs)) Kareltje =^.^=

  15. Olive hi 5 to you for your excellent skill of pepperoni snatching!!! I commend you my friend.
    Being a cat I'm a total meat freak. I hope you didn't receive too harsh a punishment MOL..My theory is if the humans leave food unattended it is our job to see that it receives proper attention..... Madi

  16. It's so great to see you getting a taste of the fun!
    Have a great Valentines day!

  17. Hi, Olive!
    You are having snow there and here we are feeling cold!
    The Snowman is pawesome!
    Glad your Mom is ok!
    I hope you all are having a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with sunshine and love and the tender sound of a voice that gives you comfort.


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