Have a Wooferful Weekend!!

Here are a few pictures from our old slides..around 1977 in New York. That is Dad's dog... Brandy and his younger sister.

Have a wooferful weekend friends!

Another clue about my favorite sporting event..
Last year there was a memorable moment when a STREAKER came out on the field!!!!

Uh Oh! I may have given it away!


Walking Wednesday...Come walk with me :)

This was a bit late..Mom is still learning how to use this stuff and it took her a while.

Hope you had a happy walk today and more on the sporting event the next time I post...I can say it is something played the same day as ANOTHER big event and it includes some tailgating!
**Had to disable the autoplay on my JJ tunes.. for the audio in the video.I will have him back up tomorrow night!**


Happy Monday Everyone..a little late today!

Happy Monday! We had a small person home sick today...so it was a quiet day. The old sick day routine was a day of Mr Mom being played over and over...now we watch Be Kind Rewind ..all day long --BOL! Maybe I could Swede a movie..Hmmmm.. He is feeling better though and had no fever ..just fighting something is what Mom thinks. He slept a lot with me today.I like to take care of him when he is home sick.
Hope everyone is healthy and warm tonight :)
Have a great rest of the day and see you this week..I am preparing for the greatest sporting event in history...can you guess what it is???


Have a Wooferful Weekend!!

Sharing a family slide from around 1955 in Copake, NY
**Note from Olive's Mom...We spent a few months..yes a few months a few years ago scanning in every slide we had from my husband's grandparents collection.They had many travels... from Haiti, Russia, Switzerland ... We made them into a DVD for the rest of the family to watch. We really love the old slides and actually still watch them on the old projector too.

We have a few beautiful old dog pics we will share when we can...

Have a great weekend everyone!!



There has been a lot of "smell" talk lately on the blogs...I spent a lot of time this week "smelling".  Awww, love the smells everywhere. Mom is patient and she gives me time to take them all in...usually. Sometimes, I take a long time and can't stop myself!

In the spirit of smelling..take a wiff at some jokes! BOL!!

What kind of dog sniffs out new flowers ? A bud hound!

Why do dogs wag their tails ? "Because no one else will do it for them !

Why did the poor dog chase his own tail ? He was trying to make both ends meet !

Which side of a dog has the most hair? The outside, of course.

Why did the dog sleep on the chandelier?He was a light sleeper.

Why do dogs lie down?They can't lie up!


Walking Wednesdays....

Have a great day today everyone!! We have been enjoying the warm temps this week ..today in the 70's!

We had to disable our usual tunes so you could enjoy the little music in my short video above.

Happy Walking!


Proud to serve--Bark!! Bark!!

I am proud to be a member and  I pledge to be the best pup I can be!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! It was beautiful here and warm!! I felt the sunshine again! I had a few good walks and played a lot with my people. I ate goat cheese...yummmmm..I love to eat cheese..:)

Have a happy Monday!

This was some play time at the park--I LOVE the blue slide--BOL!!


Who has Gas Money?? Have a "wooferful" weekend!

What do you say? I can pick everyone up ..plenty of room!! Just need plenty of treats and some of those green papers or plastic cards for the juice this thing drinks!

If I don't see you while I am driving around town..have a wooferful weekend friends!!


Still looking for the perfect gift.......

This is where I was..and AM still looking for just the right gift for Mom....Hmmm, what do I have. I have squeakers from old toys, socks, black shoelaces and some stuffing from a toy I RIPPED apart! Muhahaha!!

Trying to figure out how many candles she needed on her cake...she said that is still not enough. Sheesh, we could burn the house down!

Okay, everyone was at the dinner table and the loud bell rang  that makes everyone act crazy and run to the front door..when Mom opened the door a person handed her this. At first I thought they were toys or treats for me, but the closer I got to them I realized ...they smelled like something clean and pretty..like my doggie shampoo or the other pretty flowers we had outside in the backyard.  The flowers were from someone Mom works with ...she does not live here..she is in Ft Hood. Most of her coworkers live all over the place and some very far away.
Thanks Linzy for the beautiful flowers!!!

Thank You & Technical Difficulties

Note from Olive's Mom---Thanks to everyone for their Birthday Wishes yesterday!!! I really had hoped to share some pictures from the day and the night before..BUT I am needing to reinstall my camera software. Since I updated to WIN 7 , I have not reinstalled it yet and updating the drivers..is just not doing the trick. Even manual upload failed :( So am hoping tonight after work today and Olive's walk, we will tackle that.

Had a wonderful day and enjoyed my flowers that were delivered to our home lastnight from a very dear friend and my gifts from IKEA--I am a huge fan of IKEA!! We had a nice dinner and I had a long work day, somehow I forgot to take some time off for my birthday..go figure :)

Thanks again for all the love in the blogger world..you are all so very special to me.

This is an old picture of Olive..from last February..I love her face there and she was so little


Happy Birthday to You.....

Today is Mom's Birthday!! I am very busy looking under the bed in my secret place for just the right gift for her!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

I will give her many licks today and not bark at all while she is working!!

*We seem to be having some tech issues this morning...trying to work them out too**


Have a Wooferful Weekend!

Everyone in cold areas ..please stay inside this weekend and stay warm.  Snuggle with your people and watch a good movie..I hear Jack AKA NetFlix... may have some movie ideas on his blog today :)

If you are lucky to be in a warm, sunny place..well, send me a plane ticket!!


Squirrel Appreciation What..huh??**NEWS FLASH--No School Today --YAY!!***

So I got my calendar of events for our Three Dog Bakery..they have Mutt Mixers, Puppy Playdates..all that fun stuff with lots of good food.
On their calendar they have an event..it says.. Squirrel Appreciation Day

When :Thursday, Jan 21, 2010..
For real? Do you guys know anything about this?? We have a day to appreciate them??? And our local Three Dog gives you Squirrel cookies?? Really??
I had to research this...so I found the following from The Huffington Post: SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY Is January 21: Are You Ready?
They have a guide on how to celebrate this day..what is the world coming to??
I also found this interesting story at the New York Times:
Enter the “Save Our Squirrels” campaign begun in 2006 to rescue Britain’s red squirrels by piquing the nation’s appetite for their marauding North American cousins. With a rallying motto of “Save a red, eat a gray!” the campaign created a market for culled squirrel meat
Appreciate them..eat them...Hmmmm
For the rest of this interesting tale...tail..click here :)
What a day...I need to go and chase a squirrel or something.
***Woke up and found out, we can all go back to bed--No School!!! Woohoo!!!***


Walking Wednesdays

Wow, our walk lastnight was very cold...Mom really rushed me..her face was cold. I did let her keep her gloves on this time :) We walked to the dock and ran right back. We did not even see the ducks tonight. Brrrr....

There are lots of things to bring on a walk... Here are some things Mom brings when we head out.

Leash- Always need a very sturdy leash when we walk. Now lately I am not chewing as much on them as I was.  Every now and again....I am working on this bad habit. Mom likes the leashes with Leather Handles now too.

Harness- We have been using the Hamilton Harness since we started walking. They are comfy and simple which is easy for both of us.

Outward Hound Deluxe Bottle 'N Bowl Bag- This is a must have..Mom won't leave home without it. She even uses it instead of her purse sometimes. It holds her keys, cell phone, my treats, and all of her extra things including the designer you know what bags..ahem. It also has a collapsible water bowl in case we are not near a doggie human water fountain combo.

When we have night walks ..she always carries an LED flashlight around her neck.

Here is a link to The Weather Channel, they have a calculator to show you how many calories you burn while walking your dog.

**Note from Mom on that..we sometimes move very slow when Olive is "sniffing" not sure if that would even count toward any kind of calorie burning or not..but we try :)**

Happy walking in 2010!!


Life is so much better when we are all together.

No, don't look at me....
Sigh....I am hiding under a bed. I don't want Monday to come. The children have to go back to school. Dad has to go back to work ..Mom too. Mom works at home, but wont be able to play with me, she will be at her desk . Awwww, I am so sad. I am just going to stay here under the bed. Maybe if I hide here, it won't happen.

Life is so much better when we are all together.
**Note from Olive's Mom: We are sad about life back to normal on Monday..yes even me. I have always been the mom that looks forward to the breaks and vacations from the school calendar. I love having the family together. As far as Olive under the bed...this is a new thing with her. If we can't seem to locate her in the house now, she is almost always under the bed these days. She has a secret stash of socks and ..shoelaces there.**


How I spent New Year's Eve!!

It is family tradition to watch Twilight Zone Marathon on New Year's Eve and Day.....it's on all day and night. So I tried to watch it...yawn.........time to play more.
I spent most of the night just like that picture above...licking my KONG. Yummmmy liver spray inside.

Then I finished it off so went for my other KONG(Red Bone) and tried to get the treats out of that. I found no treats inside so back to the blue KONG.

Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune we read today that you may enjoy ..Woof! Woof!

Doggie New Year's resolutions
Do you have a terrier that needs training? Does your dachshund need a diet? Is your hound a little hyper? If your New Year's resolution includes being more healthful about your own lifestyle choices, chances are your dog could benefit from a lifestyle change as well.Here are some tips from the American Kennel Club on how dog owners can start the year off right by resolving to do more with their dogs in 2010. akc.org and here at Chicago Tribune--McClatchy/Tribune News

Another one we read.. Click below to read the full story:

Doggy New Year’s Resolution – Being Fit and Zen
by (dog)spired on Thursday December 31, 2009.

Now some of these resolutions....no thanks. I am a simple dog, I like good healthy food and long walks..oh and sleep. I could learn some more tricks, but the children really love my High 5..err. 4 , it makes them laugh and kiss me!! So I may stick with that routine awhile.

Have a wooferful day everyone and eat well!!