Squirrel Appreciation What..huh??**NEWS FLASH--No School Today --YAY!!***

So I got my calendar of events for our Three Dog Bakery..they have Mutt Mixers, Puppy Playdates..all that fun stuff with lots of good food.
On their calendar they have an event..it says.. Squirrel Appreciation Day

When :Thursday, Jan 21, 2010..
For real? Do you guys know anything about this?? We have a day to appreciate them??? And our local Three Dog gives you Squirrel cookies?? Really??
I had to research this...so I found the following from The Huffington Post: SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY Is January 21: Are You Ready?
They have a guide on how to celebrate this day..what is the world coming to??
I also found this interesting story at the New York Times:
Enter the “Save Our Squirrels” campaign begun in 2006 to rescue Britain’s red squirrels by piquing the nation’s appetite for their marauding North American cousins. With a rallying motto of “Save a red, eat a gray!” the campaign created a market for culled squirrel meat
Appreciate them..eat them...Hmmmm
For the rest of this interesting tale...tail..click here :)
What a day...I need to go and chase a squirrel or something.
***Woke up and found out, we can all go back to bed--No School!!! Woohoo!!!***


  1. Oh Olive that is too funny!!! Mom and I had no clue there was a squirrel appreciation day. Mom said she would 'appreciate' it if they would not chew on our deck railings.
    Madi and Mom

  2. Olive and Mom thank you for your kind b-day wishes...yep January babies are the best.
    Mom of Madi and Mom

  3. Lots of humans eat the squirrels. I would appreciate any that came into my yard, but they don't dare to.


  4. Hi Olive, hope you have a great squirrel appreciation day! I don´t have squirrels next to me. Is it good?!

  5. Maybe it's Squirrel Depreciation Day - get rid of all the squirrels that are being a pest!

  6. WHAT???? This is totally CRAZY!!!

    on the other hand...SNOW DAY WOO HOO!!!


  7. I'm still trying to catch that squirrel at the end of my road!

    Squirrel appeciation day!!! Unbelievable!

    lots of woofs

  8. Squirrel Appreciation Day?? I can't believe it!
    Too bad there are no squirrels here... to appreciate!
    Sounds like you all had a nice day at home today!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi Olive and Mom
    Thank you for your kind b-day wishes. I did have a very good b-day and all my blog friends made it extra special!!!
    Snow in TX again.....oh my word. It was predicted for Raleigh last night but not a flake.They even delayed schools for two hrs. today in anticipation but nothing.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Madi and Mom

  10. Squirrel Appreciation Day????????
    I have no words fur this atrocity.


    Ok, now I do...

    I support the eating of squirrels. Real, or in cookie form.


    PS. My word verification was zombledl.


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