Monday Treat Talk!(UPDATED)

Wow! It is a beautiful morning in Texas!! We had a cold front come through and it is so wonderful! I did not pant as much on our walk this morning!

I wanted to say Thank You to Cole, for recommending the Lupine Leash!! That is wonderful!! Everyone check them out!! Mom is so thrilled about them!!

Someone asked me about where to buy the best treats recently...well, we have a great place here that is local, it is actually a general store. They have the best treats and free samples to take too..yumm :) So we recommend the feed stores and some great finds online too, like Olive. We are in NO way affiliated with them, but they have cool stuff :) The name..well I think they have a great name too.

Of course the carrot slices and some of the cookies for dogs from Three Dog..are amazing :) Don't forget the local farmers markets too..I have had some yummy treats from them.

Please share your special finds for treats and share..homemade treats too please :)
Oh my mouth is watering now...better go beg Mom for a treat!
Woof! Woof!
We would love to hear what our friends in other parts of the world snack on ..please be sure to share! Bark!

**Forgot to add..please check out the yummy treats here at our friends at Nibbles Treats


Happy Weekend!

Woof Woof!
Have a "Wooferful" Weekend!


A Not So Thrilling Thursday....Yawn!

Headed to the park to see our friends ..it was dark and rainy..nobody there this morning :( So I found this..what is this?? I think it may be some kind of dirt..not mud yet, still dry. Tastes good, but Mom told me to STOP eating it.
hey..is that a friend walking this way??

My duck friends were there..but when I try to sniff them they hop into the water. Sigh....

Not sure what is in here ..smells good.
We met up with Romeo yesterday..and yes Mom will post his picture as soon as she gets one. We made up. We decided that it is best if I sit by my Mom and he sits by his Grandafther..then we get along much better. So we did that for a long time yesterday while the humans chatted about how to save the world and where to buy us the best treats!!
Think we are off to buy a new leash today....they are just not very good quality, I mean..I chew right through them! Sheesh...
have fun today...play outside...see your friends..snuggle with your humans :)


Walkin' Wednesdays! (Updated )

Mom takes me for at least 2 walks a day everyday and on each one we usually meet some pretty interesting people and new dog friends :) She also said, it is good for her and for me.See the link below about how walking your dog just 20 minutes a day can lead to some great health benefits!!
Jogging tips too!
Be sure to pack a bag of treats and water.**UPDATE** After Jack commented, I thought about the water bottle situation..if you don't have Dog/Human Water Fountain Combos in your area and the portable cup is not working for you..check this out: http://www.pettop.com/cgi-bin/pettop.pl
Get out and go for a walk today and tomorrow..and the next day and the next day and the next day....


Making the Bed or NOT Making the Bed!

This bed is so comfy when Mom takes all the sheets and blankets off. I finally get a good comfy place and she wants to put them all back on again...No..I think I will stay here and she can put the blankets on another bed. If she tries to put them back on..I will grab them and run around the bed! Muhahaha!!

We had a "wooferful" morning at the park..dropped the smaller(younger really...)humans off to those BIG Buildings with all of the other smaller humans running around everywhere...we headed straight for the park! We walked around the lake.....watched the ducks, met a few pups. We even ate our breakfast there.
Romeo was there....BUT he was not very nice to me :( I wanted a few kisses and he wanted a BITE! I have never had a dog do that before and it scared me...I am very sad now about my Romeo...


Too early for Halloween??

Add Image
See that? We spotted this Saturday morning -Mom and Dad were eating breakfast, reading that black and white paper.It was outside the window attached to a tree. I was having a hard time seeing it at first, then ..ooohhh SCARY!! I sure hope that spider does not catch me like that!

Happy Monday Everyone!! Watch out for Spider Webs!


Happy Birthday Jack!!

First , I have to say Happy Birthday Jack!! Please stop by and visit him today and give him lots of licks!!

My human that plays that drum..had his first community performance of the season last night.
From Olive's Mom--This was our view...they looked great and soon they will be ready to compete!! We will keep you posted as the season continues!
Have a "wooferful" Sunday..See you Monday!


Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!!
Not my doggie dad... my person :) That was him at 3 years old on his birthday..looks nothing like the big guy that I lick when he gets home everyday. Mom said to use that photo, but I am not convinced that is my Dad.

I am really looking forward to dinner today..I will get to eat a special treat and some of that cheescake may fall to the floor...sigh..what a beautiful day it will be!


While Mom Works..

Hey watch out ...I am under this big chair!
Guess I will stay here and squeeze this toy until it..SQUEALS!

doo, doo dooo de da

Wonder how many chews it takes to get the center of this thing??

Those pics are a glimpse of what I do when mom works. She works at home everyday. I use to cry and be very sad when she could not play, but now I have more self control.. a little more. When she works now..I either chew, sleep or play under her desk. There are a few reasons why I can do this now.. I know when she gets up from her desk...we go to the park ASAP. She needs the stretch as do I. She also gives me treats sometimes while she works..yummm, like part of her banana :)

Mom wants to share the articles below...for all of you dogs, cats, birds, hamsters..etc.. that have humans that work from home.

Have a "wooferful" Thursday friends!!


Night Howls!!

What more can I say?? I think the tongue out to the side is a nice touch-makes me look intellectual.
Olive: Jasmine, did you see that?
Jasmine: No , I ..I am trying to see but I cant see over you!!
Olive: Well, Jasmine not sure why you cant see over me! Not sure what I saw..was asking if you saw something. I cant see anything, it is DARK!

We smelled something there..no, maybe it was there or over there...Too many smells everywhere!!
**Based on this last picture--can you tell which one of us is bigger?? I know... I know, it is tough huh? Yes we look like twins, we hear that all the time :)**


Monday Monday....

Here are a few more pics of "my" park ..kind of a tour of where I like to walk and meet friends . I love to come around this bend here..I see the ducks right away!!

This is the back side of the park, we call it the forest. There is a house on this side we call the Castle House. It has two or more BIG Guard Dogs..oooh they scare me. My friend Jasmine is not afraid at all..she walked right up to them last night!!

Woof Woof friends!! Hope you have a great day. I am off to the park now for a good morning walk. Mom added a new feature on the site , Cell Phone Picture of the Day! I think she had to find something to do with all of these cell phone pics and since they never look very good....that seemed to be the best thing to do with them :) Some of them are actually quite funny...tickled my belly.

I need to take a bath today...maybe one of you can come rescue me???!!!

Hope everyone is feeling well and has a full tummy today :)

Tail Wags to you --

Olive :)


Did I mention..I chewed through my new harness?? Oh boy...had to put the old one on and that old one is almost done too. What to do..what to do?? Leash is on its' way out now too. How long did they last?? :(


Happy Weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Had a few good walks and going to see my friends tonight at the park!!
Licks to you ...
Olive :)


My Park!

Look Jack! I found mud today too!! but I really wanted to eat the mud...yummmm

Sitting on the dock...watching the fish

I try to say hello to these ducks everyday and they just run away right into water!

Best to sit over here a bit and watch them I guess. I met a friend today, a boxer named Romeo. Mom forgot to take a picture..sigh I hope we see him again..he was very cute:)

Licks and a thousand tail wags!




This is what I do when Mommy works...sleep right next to her desk :) We did manage to have some fun though...went to the park a few times, looked at some new cars and I got a new leash. I have chewed through 4 now I think!

Have a great week friends and I hope everyone is feeling well :)

Barks and Licks to you from me!


Just Walking....

Had to get out early..it will over 100 degrees today! My human had plenty of water for me though. She tried to take a picture of me drinking from the Human/Dog water Fountain Combo...I moved, they are a bit blurry..best not to look too closely.Did manage to squeeze in a little playtime with a nice stick I found :) When I got back to my house though, I wanted to stay outside and get some more sun...felt so nice on my paws.

Have a "wooferful" day