Making the Bed or NOT Making the Bed!

This bed is so comfy when Mom takes all the sheets and blankets off. I finally get a good comfy place and she wants to put them all back on again...No..I think I will stay here and she can put the blankets on another bed. If she tries to put them back on..I will grab them and run around the bed! Muhahaha!!

We had a "wooferful" morning at the park..dropped the smaller(younger really...)humans off to those BIG Buildings with all of the other smaller humans running around everywhere...we headed straight for the park! We walked around the lake.....watched the ducks, met a few pups. We even ate our breakfast there.
Romeo was there....BUT he was not very nice to me :( I wanted a few kisses and he wanted a BITE! I have never had a dog do that before and it scared me...I am very sad now about my Romeo...


  1. Jack likes to wait until I get the nice clean sheets on the bed and THEN he gets on. I've grown to like the feel of dog hair when i sleep!

  2. Olive I am so glad that you got to go to the park today to eat breakfast...But I am very sad that Romeo wasn't feeling the love this morning...No account for taste!


    PeeEss...Beds are good whether or not the sheets are on!!

  3. Hi, Olive!
    I wait until my mom makes the bed to go under the blankets! And she does not like that!
    I am sure Romeo will be in a better mood next time you see him! Don't be sad!
    Kisses and hugs


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