Night Howls!!

What more can I say?? I think the tongue out to the side is a nice touch-makes me look intellectual.
Olive: Jasmine, did you see that?
Jasmine: No , I ..I am trying to see but I cant see over you!!
Olive: Well, Jasmine not sure why you cant see over me! Not sure what I saw..was asking if you saw something. I cant see anything, it is DARK!

We smelled something there..no, maybe it was there or over there...Too many smells everywhere!!
**Based on this last picture--can you tell which one of us is bigger?? I know... I know, it is tough huh? Yes we look like twins, we hear that all the time :)**


  1. Olive you are too funny...and I really think that Jasmine might be a bit bigger that you...BOL....


  2. Hi, Olive!
    Oh, yes! Very intellectual!
    I had to give a second look at your pictures to determine who is bigger and I am not so sure yet!
    Kisses and hugs


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