Happy Day After Valentine's Day!

Happy Day After Valentine's Day....it was very hectic here! I was whisked away in a horse drawn carriage early in the day while being fed carob covered strawberries. I spent the afternoon being pampered at the doggie spa where little doggies fed me more treats and massaged my tired little legs. After all of that , I was carried by my humans back to my home where I was waited on paw and paw all evening eating all the treats I could ever hope for while watching Animal Planet all night.....

Hey...It could happen!


Olive is Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Wondering where I have been this week?? I will give you a hint.
I think most of you share in my week of ice /snow. The children had NO SCHOOL ALL WEEK! Dad had no work! Mom.. well, poor Mom.. she already works at home... so she was still working.  This was the BEST Week! I had people to play with all day...I had snow to play in and eat! I had ice to slide on! What could be better??? Today it was still snowing when we went out for a little walk..ok, the walking part has not been great. It has been too slippery for long walks. Mom said ice has covered all of our sidewalks and our driveway..so that was not fun, but I got to play in the backyard and eat SNOW!I even made the snow turn YELLOW! Amazing huh?

I hope everyone got to have an adventure this week ! I also hope everyone was safe with family and warm.

Tail Wags and Licks from Me!