Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day!! That is Dad and his Dad..although I think it could be Dad and my boy! I will need to investigate this further perhaps....

I want to say thank you Dad...
Thanks for bacon in the morning...
Thanks for belly rubs when you get home...
Thanks for playing tug of war with me...I am sorry I beat you every time ..BOL!!
Thank you for all the kisses!!!
I Love you Dad.. Happy Father's Day.


Thank You Bella!!!

Thank you so much Bella for my wonderful gifts!! I was so happy when Mom came home and I saw a package!! I knew it had to be for me!!! You are so thoughtful for sending those!! All the way from Australia!! Mom loved the keychain too ..since I don't have keys to the house, I guess she can have it... Woof!

Please friends check out Bella's book too!!!

Oh and everyone ... they are on the new kitchen floor!! Yay!! Love it!!!

I walked this morning, but now think I will hang out inside... Mom has to work and I can watch the birds eat from their new feeders..and drool while I watch! Muhahaha!

Plenty of peeps home now to give ME all the attention!! Yay!!!


Thank You Sugar...the Award Goes to.................

 Thank You Sugar for this Versatile Blogger Award!

Rules for accepting this award...

(1) Thank the blogger who gave you this award. 
Once again, many many thanks to Sugar The Golden Retriever!

(2) I have to Share 7 Things About ME.  
1. I LOVE to lick faces!!! I even try to lick other dogs faces.. and sometimes they don't like that!
2. I love CHEESE--all kinds, Ricotta..Mozzarella... oooh cheese :)
3. When I hear Mom or Dad pull up the blinds in the windows.. I RUN like CRAZY! There could be a bunny or a squrirrel out there that I need to see!
4. I get very excited when we pull into the drive thru at our Dry Cleaners.. there is a nice woman there named Hannah that always give me treats.
5. I HATE baths! END of story...
6. I love belly rubs.. LOVE THEM!
7.I ride in the car with Mom everyday.. I take the kids to school with her, we go to the post office.. everywhere :)

Now Rule (3) is to pass this award to 15 bloggers.........
2. Our friends at Amazing Animal Lovers Blog
7.Our friends at Loving for a Living
8.Our Friends at I need a sugar fix :)

Yay!!! Pass it on friends!!
I seem to have lost a follower... I know I have been neglecting my friends.. it's Mom.. her fault! School is over now and she is working on the new kitchen floor...sigh. She should be done in a day or so....then I am going to Super Glue her hands to the keyboard! I did get even..... wanna see?
That was her new issue of Cooking Light...guess she won't be able to cook any recipes from this months issue! Muhahaha!