Have a Wooferful Weekend! Slide Show Friday!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day...I know most of us celebrate it everyday. We can each make a difference in our own way every day..all year :)

Slide Show Friday!


Ontario 1969

A note about my friends...the DUCKS. I love my ducks that visit me now in the backyard. Funny thing about the ducks... when I am walking at the park, I walk with them..I don't want to chase them. When they are in my yard--I want to to get out there and GET THEM!! Why am I like that??? Sheesh....I even drool when I watch out the window!!!

I do have sad news.... the dove's nest ..is empty today. No eggs..no Mama. She was there lastnight..she hardly ever left the nest, this morning when we checked on her..they were all gone. So..I am hoping all is well with the birdies.

Hoping everyone has a beautiful weekend....Take care friends.


GABE--And the Winner Is.........................

Thanks to everyone that stopped by for GABE!! It has been great seeing so many new friends and some old ones too!

The Winner of our pize package which is the Three Shopping Bags from the Animal Rescue Site and a Mystery gift package based on what type of friend you are.. cat, dog, FISH, rabbit, horse... etc..... is..............

Tucker you are not a fruit fly right??

Congrats!! Congrats!!!
We will be in touch with you this week to get your mailing address!!

Thanks again to everyone!!!!


Have a Wooferful Weekend!! Slide Show Friday!!

I hope everyone had a great week.... It has been a hectic month. GABE is coming to an end this weekend!! So make sure you entered..I think I still have a few more to enter, so look for me. I will be around this weekend!

That is the mama in her nest..near our kitchen window.
This week we had a few visits from the ducks down the street.. they got bored at the park I guess and decided to pay me a visit. So while Mom worked today she watched them waddling around in the backyard..I will try to get pictures next time they come around.

 Slideshow Friday

The Family Farm Copake, NY

The Family Farm Copake NY..1975

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


Olive ..College and Her Nest ..Oh My!

What a wonderful weekend we had and today Mom could breathe again..for a while at least. The family spent Saturday looking at a college with my oldest boy. So that meant I was home all day..waiting..waiting...waiting.
They had a good day and loved the College of Music at UNT. He wants to major in music composition. They said they have another college in a few weeks too look at ..sigh. Another long day for me...When he goes to college, do I get to come with him or how does this work exactly for me???

We had a wonderful surprise when we looked outside today.. near the kitchen window, nestled between the corner of the fence.. there was a beautiful dove sitting in her nest. She flew away for just a moment and we caught a picture of the nest..it's a bit out of focus..we had to be fast and quiet.

Have a wooferful week!!!


Happy Friday!!! Slideshow..Donkey?

Hi everyone..it's me..remember me?? I know Mom has not been blogging for me this week much. Her allergies are making her loopy I think..Sheesh! I sure hope you had a wonderful week and had lots of fun playing outside and walking!! It is just beautiful here and the sunshine feels so good! I wil be around to check out the blogs and I still have some GABE contests to enter!! I hope to win!!! I love mail, did I ever tell you that??? BOL!!

That pretty much says it all ..How was my week..please see the images above!

Slideshow Friday!!

St Croix 1956

Taking a break from the donkeys..

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Easter!!! Thank You Riley and Star!

The Easter Bunny that lives under our shed..came out and brought me this basket of gifts!!!! I was soooooooo excited!! I love to watch her hop around the backyard and usually in the morning when we open the blinds..she is ready to eat her breakfast and is sitting close to the house!

Mom took me to the Post Office and found a card in the mail addressed to me!!! Mail for me!!! I was so happy!!! It was from my wonderful friends Riley and Star!! They are so cute and just tons of fun!! Please stop by their blog to say hello!! They are neighbors of ours too..one day we will have to meet up and play!!

Thank You So much!!! I am so happy to have such wonderful friends!!!!

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Have a Wooferful Weekend!! Slideshow Friday!!

I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance for the contest to sink in a bit before posting today! I am so happy to see so many comments and to have more friends!! I love meeting all of you and am looking forward to following you!! Please stop by and enter our GABE contest if you have not yet..Click GABE to be redirected to the post!

Now that GABE is underway...I will spend the weekend catching up with everyone and resting... I need the rest from all the excitement!!  Mom needs the rest from ..well... all of her sneezing! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes , she appreciates them so very much!!

Family Slideshow Friday!
Dad's Grandmother(Nanny) In Jamaica around 1953
Jamaica 1953

Have a Wooferful Weekend!!


GABE Giveaway! Enter Today..FREE STUFF!! Tell Your Friends!! Woof!

Our Giveaway...

 Three Reusable 100% Cotton Paws & Hearts Shopping Bags above and a Mystery Gift for the Animal Blogger....if you are a cat..it will be a cat treat..a dog..a dog treat and so on and so on... even if a fish wins! Hey ..a Fish could win!  I did not want to exclude anyone from entering...even squirrels. BOL!
 I will choose one winner on April 18th and post the winner that day!!

So have fun and enter NOW!!! I am so excited to meet some new friends too!! Please look around ..listen to my music...view my slideshow, even follow me on Twitter or shoot me an email!

If you would  like to be in our giveaway please comment  on the blog and say..I WANT TO WIN!!! Comment between NOW and April 17th at 1159pm.

Have Fun Friends and Happy Blogging!!!

Thanks again to Twinkie for hosting this wonderful event!!

**Paw Print Shopping Bags...
•100% cotton•Compacts with snap-closure strap 
•14.5 x 15.5" W (36.8 x 39.4 cm)

Tissue anyone?

Many of you know Mom has been suffering from allergies this last week. She sneezes all day...and always needs a tissue:( I don't sneeze or sniffle...but when she does..wowza! She can make me jump!

We will post our prize for GABE either later today or early tomorrow. It has been a challenge to choose..since it is open to all animals..we would need a prize that a dog would like or a fish! Hmmmm....So..I think we have something in mind that may cover them all!! Be sure to check back and see what it is! 

Happy Sneezing!