Olive ..College and Her Nest ..Oh My!

What a wonderful weekend we had and today Mom could breathe again..for a while at least. The family spent Saturday looking at a college with my oldest boy. So that meant I was home all day..waiting..waiting...waiting.
They had a good day and loved the College of Music at UNT. He wants to major in music composition. They said they have another college in a few weeks too look at ..sigh. Another long day for me...When he goes to college, do I get to come with him or how does this work exactly for me???

We had a wonderful surprise when we looked outside today.. near the kitchen window, nestled between the corner of the fence.. there was a beautiful dove sitting in her nest. She flew away for just a moment and we caught a picture of the nest..it's a bit out of focus..we had to be fast and quiet.

Have a wooferful week!!!


  1. Olive,
    It was sure good to see you at the park tonight! I have missed you and I am so glad to see that you haven't forgotten me. Hope we get to walk together again soon!

  2. How cool! Are we going to get to see some baby bird pics?

  3. Hello there "twin" Olive!

    We hope you find a great college for your hooman. Your photo looking out the window is so serene. Thanks for joining our GABE contest. If you get to win then we will have matching tags. How cool is that?!

    It would be so exciting to see those baby birds hatch from the nest. Isn't it amazing how nests are even made? Mommies really look after their babies so well.

    -Princess & the Piappies

  4. Olive,

    How very exciting, your brother is going to college!!! We don't think they allow doggies in dorms... you may only get to visit. But when you do visit it will be so special!!

    Hey we just realized you lived in Fort Woof, TX! Seth lived in TX for 5 years and he got a real kick out of Fort Woof!!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  5. College, sigh. Means your boy is almost a grown up now and will be leaving soon. Best to get hugs in while you can (and don't eat those eggs, OK).


  6. Hi Olive what wonderful news to hear that your oldest brother is college shopping. OUr best to them as the search for just the right fit....as for his departure..You need to put in a request for his room ASAP!!! That is what happens when the oldest leaves a room is freed up.
    Happy Monday Madi and Mom

  7. Best of luck to your boy on his college search. I hope he's having a great time!!

  8. I'm sorry you hads so much waiting to do. I wish you lived next door and then you coulda come over and we coulda played together and then maybe the waiting wouldn't have been so hard. I hopes your brudder finds a good college place. I'm in high school now. I wonder if my mom will take me to college when (if) I graduates?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. You're going to have some little baby birdies pretty soon! There was a bird several years ago who had a nest near my parents door. They discovered her babies when they heard them crying one day only the mama ended up abandoning them. My parents think it's because they came in and out of the house so often that the mama bird became upset.

    How exciting your brother is looking at colleges. I don't think they'll let you come with him but like Martine said, you can probably come visit him!

  10. It's good of you to be so patient. Don't worry, it will pay off!

  11. What a great nest Olive!! We can't wait to see if baby birdies come out of those eggs...or maybe dragons???

    Sounds like things are going to get hectic in the next few months with your boy getting ready for college. Mango is right...get lots of lovin' from him while you can!!


  12. Hi, Olive!
    All that waiting and waiting sure was not funny, right?
    I am sure your boy is going to find the best college for him!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. hi,Glad to meet u here. hope we shall be friends.
    we are sure the Lab part in u will pawppreciate the zest we Labs have for life n friends.

    Wags, Buddy n Ginger


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