Tissue anyone?

Many of you know Mom has been suffering from allergies this last week. She sneezes all day...and always needs a tissue:( I don't sneeze or sniffle...but when she does..wowza! She can make me jump!

We will post our prize for GABE either later today or early tomorrow. It has been a challenge to choose..since it is open to all animals..we would need a prize that a dog would like or a fish! Hmmmm....So..I think we have something in mind that may cover them all!! Be sure to check back and see what it is! 

Happy Sneezing!


  1. Olive we know they feeling....sneezing and itching with allergies...mom wears contacts and pretty soon the pine pollen will be all over Raleigh, we have oddles and oddles of pine trees up here, and when it is windy the pollen sticks to her contacts and her world turns greenish/yellowish.Madi and Mom

  2. Dad is a victim of some sort of yellow poweder called "paul-lynn". I think it's a weapon from the squirrels, mom said it's from the trees. Squirrels live in trees...coincidence? I THINK NOT!! Feel better soon mom

  3. Mama SOOOOO feels your Mama's pain....since she got back from her vacation she has been sneezing and sniffling!! Hope she feels better soon!


  4. Hi Olive!
    My mom also suffers from allergies. Some days she sneezes and uses kleenex all the time. I hope your mother feels better soon!

  5. Olive,
    No sneezes here, paw on wood!! Our sneezes come in the fall, then watch out!!
    Cant wait to see your GABE post.


  6. Just hope you don't get the sneezies too!!! Get better mom!!

  7. I get allergies sometimes too and they're no fun! Hope your mom gets to feeling better soon. How sweet of you to get a tissue out of the box for her. My chi's would eat the tissue up before I could grab it from them!

    Looking forward to your giveaway. I'm all about the free things in life!


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