Have a Wooferful Weekend!! Slide Show Friday!!

I hope everyone had a great week.... It has been a hectic month. GABE is coming to an end this weekend!! So make sure you entered..I think I still have a few more to enter, so look for me. I will be around this weekend!

That is the mama in her nest..near our kitchen window.
This week we had a few visits from the ducks down the street.. they got bored at the park I guess and decided to pay me a visit. So while Mom worked today she watched them waddling around in the backyard..I will try to get pictures next time they come around.

 Slideshow Friday

The Family Farm Copake, NY

The Family Farm Copake NY..1975

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


  1. Whose family? Is THAT where you live? That says NY and we thought you lived in TX! Is it your Mom’s parent’s farm, or your Dad’s parent’s farm? We live on a little farm too, with two horses, thought they are older… The pics of the dove are pretty neat! We got some pics of some fledglings that are just recently out of their nest tonight and we will have to post them soon! The CCC

  2. Hi Olive
    What beautiful pictures. The colt is just too precious and Mama bird ahhhhh. We hope you and the two-leggers have a great weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  3. Hi Girlfurrend,

    I have a question for you! Please tell me what you are looking for in a bo-dog-furrend and what you don't things you don't want in a bo-day-furrend. Thanks, that would help me a lot with my answer for you.

    Also, are you guys from Up State New York? Cause our mommy is from New York and was just wondering?

    See ya soon,


  4. happy weekend to you, too, miss olive!
    that looks like a super cool farm. i'd love to come visit!!
    the booker man

  5. I love the pictures in this post! I'm an animal lover so I love any kind of pictures of animals. Looking forward to seeing the baby birdies soon.

  6. Family Farm! That brings good memories to my mom!
    My Great Grandpa had a big ranch and all the kids loved to go there to have fun!
    I hope you are having a great weekend
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Babies are cute no matter what species they are!! Happy weekend, Olive!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  8. Hi Olive,

    We is soo sorry, we think our mommy's brain is turning to mush! She must have gotten you confused with some doggieelse! Oh grrrreat! She can't get anything straight!

    Our grandmommy was from St. Lawrence County, way up by the Canadian border but my mommy grew up in N.Y.C. Your pictures of your family farm in Copake, N.Y. reminded mommy of the farms some of her relatives had. Isn't it just beautiful up there?

    Have a grrrreat Sunday!

    Riley and Star.

  9. hello olive its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow copake!!! dada sez that is off the taconic parkway in the mithical land of noo york wich wuz wun of his fayvrit drives bak in the day!!! ok bye


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