We Are Family...

I am sure you have seen this video, but I have to share this ... I think they CLONED me!! Click here and Enjoy the little Olive Doggies :) BOL!

I don't bark German though.... but I do like Schnitzel


Happy Holidays!

Whiskers... Teach Me Your Ways...

Mom received a picture from a friend at work and we keep looking at it trying to figure out how cats climb like this?? I am so jealous ..can you teach me to climb my Christmas tree like this?
She seems very happy up there ... I think I would be shaking then the tree would fall over. Maybe I should not climb trees... BOL!

Happy Monday!


Thank You! Have Some Cake!

Thank you everyone for the  birthday wishes!! We had a super day filled with cake and presents! My two favorite things!

That new rubber chicken.. it is already dead. I pulled it apart and mom threw it away! Hmph!!

Now we are just preparing for the holidays! We have the tree up and lights on the house! No gifts under the tree.. I think my people are afraid I will tear the gifts open or something! Muhahaha!

Have a Wonderful day!!! Licks and Tail Wags to you!!


2 on 2

Can you even imagine who will be 2 years old on December 2nd??

Here is a HINT!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a perfect day and I ate too much pumpkin I think... love that pumpkin :)
Have a great week friends!!

Tail Wags and Licks from Olive


Last hints.. Is it too Early for Christmas Music?

Last hints.. Where am I?

Mom said she could hardly wait any longer to play Holiday music...I told her it was too early, but she never listens! I figured we could at least wait until my birthday...sheesh! If you think it's to early you can pause it at the bottom of our blog or tell us.. maybe with your help we can get her to wait until after Thanksgiving at least!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Do you have to sit at the dog/cat table again this year? One day we will push them out of the way and steal that big table!! Muhahaha!

Let me know where you think I am.. those are the last of the hints then the TRUTH shall be revealed!!


A Few More Hints...

I love the guesses so far on my last post.. so you think I am at the Vet huh? Here are a few more hints... see if you can figure it out. Let me know where you think I am!!

P.S. Counting Down to My Birthday!!!


Doggie Bloggie Award !! Can you guess where I am?

I was so excited to see that I received an award from my friend Murphy!! Thanks so much my friend!! If you don't know Murphy, please stop by and say Woof!

Here are the rules of the Doggie Bloggie Award:

1) Thank the person who gave the award and link to them.

Thanks Murphy!

2) Name 10 things about yourself-creative, weird, enticing, whatever.

1.I love to chase bunnies and squirrels!! Big shocker I know.. I know!
2. I love to give everyone KISSES!
3.I love to ride in the car and Mom takes me EVERYWHERE!
4. I walk everyday.. 3 to 4 times most days. I love walking and seeing my friends.
5. I have a bed in the corner of the kitchen where I sit and watch Mom cook.
6.I am an AKC Star Puppy and finished Puppy School last year, currently hoping to finish my studies in Advanced Click A Trick.
7.I always rip the noses, eyes and ears off all of my toys ASAP and yank the heart(squeaker) out.
8. Sitting on warm laundry fresh from the dryer..ooh I love that so much!
9.To help me sleep while Mom works .. I sit under her desk and listen to classical music.
10. I like cheese.. ok no.. I LOVE CHEESE!! Yum Yum

3) Award 15 doggie bloggers-whoever you think deserves this regardless of whether they are old or new.

Madi and Mom.. I know she is a cat, but a dog at heart :) Woof!
The Teacher's Pets
Brutus and Carmen
4) Be sure to let the doggies know by commenting on their site!

5) Finally, have a great time...participation is not mandatory, only if you want to!! After all, doggies are nothing if not fun! 

Can you guess where I am in the picture below??