Whiskers... Teach Me Your Ways...

Mom received a picture from a friend at work and we keep looking at it trying to figure out how cats climb like this?? I am so jealous ..can you teach me to climb my Christmas tree like this?
She seems very happy up there ... I think I would be shaking then the tree would fall over. Maybe I should not climb trees... BOL!

Happy Monday!


  1. I've posted a picture of our 2 cats, Henry and Buster, UNDERNEATH the Christmas tree and believe it or not they've never attempted to climb to the top...EVER! Kudos to that kitty who managed to find a nice resting spot up there! I would love to know how that kitty got up there as well!

  2. Oh I is pretty sure that kitty cat is on Santa's naughty list after climbing that tree. Momma always says 4 on the floor.

    woof - Tucker

  3. Wow, our kitties just find one "special" present that they lay on and flatten out!! Guess they don't need a tree topper!

  4. I wonder how that kitten got there!

  5. I once had a cat who climbed our tree. I didn't stop to take a picture though, I just pulled him down and yelled at him not to do that again.


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