Thank You! Have Some Cake!

Thank you everyone for the  birthday wishes!! We had a super day filled with cake and presents! My two favorite things!

That new rubber chicken.. it is already dead. I pulled it apart and mom threw it away! Hmph!!

Now we are just preparing for the holidays! We have the tree up and lights on the house! No gifts under the tree.. I think my people are afraid I will tear the gifts open or something! Muhahaha!

Have a Wonderful day!!! Licks and Tail Wags to you!!


  1. Why thank you very much. I would love some cake!

  2. You ate the chicken already? LOL!


  3. Olive your cake looks yummy and it is shaped like a heart...'I heart Olive' and thanks for the cake!!
    Hugs Madi

  4. Olive, you can't blame your parents for being a little concerned about the safety of the pressies under the tree, after seeing you tear into opening your birthday pressie - and then destroy it in nothing flat [which is exactly what we would have done with a rubber chicken, too]. We're sure the Christmas pressies will show up when the time is right.

    Happy Holidays, sweetie!

    Jed & Abby

  5. Oh you loves opening gifts too? Sorry about your momma tossing your chicken in the trash. i had a rubber chicken once and I ruined it too. But, i just loved it so much.

    woof _ Tucker


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