Walkin' Wednesdays! (Updated )

Mom takes me for at least 2 walks a day everyday and on each one we usually meet some pretty interesting people and new dog friends :) She also said, it is good for her and for me.See the link below about how walking your dog just 20 minutes a day can lead to some great health benefits!!
Jogging tips too!
Be sure to pack a bag of treats and water.**UPDATE** After Jack commented, I thought about the water bottle situation..if you don't have Dog/Human Water Fountain Combos in your area and the portable cup is not working for you..check this out: http://www.pettop.com/cgi-bin/pettop.pl
Get out and go for a walk today and tomorrow..and the next day and the next day and the next day....


  1. Health benefits is great! Sometimes we see a lot of puppies on our walk but the tall guy says I'm too big to play with them.
    I like to drink my water out of the water bottle like the big guys!

  2. Olive very good advice....I don't go for walks (Diva Cat here my feet don't touch the ground) however my Mom likes to walk and she meets the nicest people and their pups. When she comes home smelling of another species I get a little jealous then she tells me about them. We have a variety of pups in our neighborhood. Whipets, Plush G.Sheperds, Sharpeis, lots and lots of Labs of all colors. Madi and Mom

  3. Very great advice Olive!!! Here in Austin we walk EARLY in the morning right now and hope that KEWL weather gets here soon!!!


  4. Thanks for the advice and links, Olive! I´ll check them. Enjoy your walks!


  5. Hi, Olive!
    I take my mom out for a walkie at least once a day! I know it is healthy!
    And I have one of those doggie bottles but I don't like to drink outside. silly me!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hi, Olive! Thanks for visiting our blog!
    Aw, we only get walkies once a day and sometimes none at all because we have a pretty big yard.
    But we'll definitely show those links to our lazy hoomans.
    Thank you!

    Nala & Robin


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