Walking Wednesdays

Wow, our walk lastnight was very cold...Mom really rushed me..her face was cold. I did let her keep her gloves on this time :) We walked to the dock and ran right back. We did not even see the ducks tonight. Brrrr....

There are lots of things to bring on a walk... Here are some things Mom brings when we head out.

Leash- Always need a very sturdy leash when we walk. Now lately I am not chewing as much on them as I was.  Every now and again....I am working on this bad habit. Mom likes the leashes with Leather Handles now too.

Harness- We have been using the Hamilton Harness since we started walking. They are comfy and simple which is easy for both of us.

Outward Hound Deluxe Bottle 'N Bowl Bag- This is a must have..Mom won't leave home without it. She even uses it instead of her purse sometimes. It holds her keys, cell phone, my treats, and all of her extra things including the designer you know what bags..ahem. It also has a collapsible water bowl in case we are not near a doggie human water fountain combo.

When we have night walks ..she always carries an LED flashlight around her neck.

Here is a link to The Weather Channel, they have a calculator to show you how many calories you burn while walking your dog.

**Note from Mom on that..we sometimes move very slow when Olive is "sniffing" not sure if that would even count toward any kind of calorie burning or not..but we try :)**

Happy walking in 2010!!


  1. hmmmmm, mine takes similar items when we go out but most of the time, i'm in my bag or i'm being carried

    calories burnt...ha, you mean MOI loses calories and SHE gains as she's always eating bol...


  2. Mom has an LED hat light she uses when we walk at night, and we have our pooper bags. Lately it's been so cold we haven't gone walking...plus I'm worried about polar bears...for real!! Be careful out there!!!

  3. It's been way too cold here fur us to go on walks. :-(
    Good thing I can run all over the house!


  4. We're glad Mom doesn't need all that stuff for our walkies...we'd never get outta here!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  5. Hi Olive,

    Next time both of you need to wear gloves! Baby, it's cold outside!

    Now go sit by the fire and have a nice cup of hot coco. Oooops! We mean, broth!

    Riley and Star.

  6. Hi Olive you are very lucky to have a mom who is so organized and ready for anything..I bet she was a Girl Scout. Tell mom we think as long as one is not sitting one is burning calories!!! That is Mom's theory anyway. HA Sometimes Madi expects a free ride upstairs. I tell her Madi you need the exercise....she says but Mom I'm all fur there is not fat....
    Madi and Mom

  7. I walk only in the house
    its to cold and to many snow outside
    btw I am a indoorcat I never walk outside :(
    I love it to see you walk Olive :-)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. We used to carry a metal comb in case the evil cactuses attacked us, but now we just try to avoid them!

  9. Hi Olive

    It's freezing cold here at the moment as well so the walks have been very fast and very cold for all concerned! The NSLM has been coming in with very red cheeks every time!

    lots of woofs

  10. I love to walk, but like Clive I wish it would warm up a bit.

  11. Hi, Olive!
    Sure you and your mom are very well prepared for your walkies!
    My mom brings some of those things too... but I never use them!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hi Olive,

    My name is CoCo and I found your blog from Keiko's blog!

    I see that you also live in Texas...where are you in TX? I'm in Austin, and you are right...it is defnitely colder than usual! You are luckier than me, I haven't been walked for 3 days due to the weather...hopefully it'll warm up soon!

    Nice to meet you!


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