Life is so much better when we are all together.

No, don't look at me....
Sigh....I am hiding under a bed. I don't want Monday to come. The children have to go back to school. Dad has to go back to work ..Mom too. Mom works at home, but wont be able to play with me, she will be at her desk . Awwww, I am so sad. I am just going to stay here under the bed. Maybe if I hide here, it won't happen.

Life is so much better when we are all together.
**Note from Olive's Mom: We are sad about life back to normal on Monday..yes even me. I have always been the mom that looks forward to the breaks and vacations from the school calendar. I love having the family together. As far as Olive under the bed...this is a new thing with her. If we can't seem to locate her in the house now, she is almost always under the bed these days. She has a secret stash of socks and ..shoelaces there.**


  1. Hi, Olive!
    That is funny! I do the same every monday! When my mom is ready to go to work I go under the bed so she can't reach me and I have her with me... for a few more minutes!
    Sounds like you found a new place to keep your treasures!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I couldn't agree more. Not only do I get more loving when everybody is home, but Momma and Master like each other better too because they get to spend more quality time together. But today is Monday. Sob.


  3. Olive and Mom....we know why Olive is under the bed...we sprinkled magic kitty dust on her Wubba before we mailed it...she is now an honorary member of the kitty club and will every so often act like a kitty. Olive Mom left this morning too
    as she walked out the door I said mom...go on to work and bring home some tuna for me.
    Madi and Mom

  4. Oh no, please don't give Jack any new ideas about where to go with socks. I'm missing about 20 socks right now!

  5. Don't we all want to hide under the bed on Mondays? :)

  6. It is amazing how the dogs seem to know when it's back to work time. My co-worker and I were talking this morning about how our dogs seemed sad today :(

  7. My Savannah Leigh (my sidebar) would sleep with her head and shoulders under my bed with the dust ruffle covering her up. Guess I didn't keep the room dark enough☺ Sorry you are so sad, Olive. It's a bummer when the people that you love aren't with you.

  8. Hi Olive!
    I love to hide under mom´s bed. And I take my toys there.
    Have a nice week.

  9. Poor Olive...I will be like that tomorrow when my Mama goes back to work, only I do not fit under the bed....Too fluffy I guess...;-)



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