Strange things lurking....................Have a Happy Monday!

This picture was actually on Halloween..we went out the front door. We NEVER go out that door. Well, Mom does, to get the things in the box that are fun to open or if that truck leaves us a box of goodies.
I am not sure about the stuff I found out front. Are they always there? Why do we need the hay anyway? Do you think they have animals out front that eat the hay?? Animals other than me???Is that possible?? I may need to do some looking around and see who or what is living out front. Maybe that is why they never take me out that door....hmmmm.
What do you think? What else will I find??


  1. Hey Charlie
    That's one giant ball you have there!...wanna play?

  2. Don´t worry Olive! You are number #1 in their heart!

  3. We two orange balls too..mom and dad cut them up and tried to make me eat some...blah, not so much! What is up with the hay though?? Puppies don't eat hay! :)

  4. Maybe the hay is just the pumpkins way of saying hello! :)

  5. Maybe your Mama is getting you a horsie???


  6. Hi, Olive!
    You need to investigate! There is a reason you can't go there... and you need to know why!
    Good luck!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Did you find any other great things?

    Lots of Licks--
    Oak and Swish


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