Have a wooferful weekend! Thanks to CocoRue! Slideshow Friday!

Thank you so much for the award CoCoRue!

CoCoRue is a wonderful friend that I have had a long time now..please stop by and give out a Woof and few licks too :)

I would like everyone to take this award...Please do and know that I think all of my friends are the BEST!!

So glad it is Friday.....today I went to the vet. I had a red bump on my side that we needed to have looked at. It was a histiocytoma. We had it all checked out and it is benign. We also had EVERYTHING else done today..Yes, I mean EVERYTHING! Those pesky glands too and my nails..all my immunizations and everything. It was a bit like a day at the Puppy Spa for me today... BOL! I am very healthy though and ready for another wonderful year of puppy life :)

Family Slide....
This is a slide from around...1978. That is my Dad and his younger brother with their dog..Willie. My dad is the one in the shorts :)
 Location: Adirondacks, NY

Have a Wooferful Weekend Friends!


  1. Happy Friday to you too Sweet Olive!!!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  2. Hello there Olive!

    Great to know that you got a clean bill of health. Many more happy and healthy years ahead.

    Have a great weekend!

    -Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  3. Have a funfilled weekend !
    & congrats of your pawsome award ;)

  4. Hi Olive,

    Well that was quite a day! I bet you are sleeping well tonight! We are sooo glad that you checked out okay! What a relief, now you don't have to worry about noth'n but having fun!

    Riley and Star.

  5. Woof! Woof! Congrats on your award. Glad that you are fine. Just love going to your blog n hear JJ. Have a wonderful weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Hi Olive great news on the vet report...we knew you were perfect but now it is official....glad to hear the unmentionables are over for another year.....bad stuff.
    What darling pictures of your dad, his bro and their pup. Mom uhhhhed and ahhhhed at the lovely lake scene.
    Happy Weekend, Madi and Mom

  7. Happy weekend, little Olive!


  8. Hi Olive. Glad to hear your visit to the vet went well and you're helthy! Lovely pics of your Dad and his bro. Have a wooferful weekend too!

  9. We hope you had a wonderful weekend too!



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