Almost Wordless Wednesday...Squeaky Olive

**Olive's mom here! Howdy everyone and Happy Wednesday!! I thought I would share this video of Ollie(my nickname for her ). It is my first sad attempt at doing this for you..so I will work on it and be sure to step away from the PC next time..you can hear the fan and it is loud. My apologies. Enjoy the short , but squeaky video of our Olive :)**

Walkin' Wednesdays will be back next week!! My advice for today..go for a walk!


Today is Tuesday...Right???

What happened to Monday? I think I may have walked right past it....
We had a great time at the park today..it was sunny and warm

I was feeling more like just hanging out and watching all of my peeps :)

Mom took this pic of me in the car in the garage..on one of our many, many trips out to the store, pick up the kids...post office, sheesh..where don't we go??
Hope you had a wooferful day!
Everyone is healthy and feeling fine at our house, so now I have all my playmates back!!


Weekend Wishes...

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!! I am so sorry I have been MIA the last few days. It has been a hectic weekend for the family. Our family was a bit sick too again toward the end of the week.

We had a game on Friday night so we get home late from those games. Then there was this thing where the kids marched all over the town..all day on Saturday.Lot's of walking!

Saturday night...Mom worked..so that means I slept a lot.

Sunday I woke up and my tummy was very upset. I know I did not eat anything ..weird. So,I took it easy today. Mom took me for a little walk and we watched the Yankee game.



Just a Reminder....VOTE FOR OLIVE!!!

Munchkin Memoirs

***Please be sure to vote for your favorite ears......now they don't have to be mine..although I would love if it you voted for my ears..but all of you have cute ears too.***

In case you forgot what my ears look like, please take a moment to look around the blog...I have so many ear looks :)

Perhaps you need a little persuasion.......I know what worked for Pedro....

(please be sure to pause the music playing before starting the video..not a good mix when they play together....BOL!)

Napoleon Dynamite

Mysterious Ducks and Olive in Wonderland...

We searched all over for the ducks at the park..then all of a sudden..here they come.

All at once all together the ducks just came walking toward the water! I still have no idea where they came from. They are a mystery to me...

Rabbits are not ..I know where they are. They are in a hole in our backyard now!! Baby bunnies and a Mommy in a rabbit hole. Actually I think I sniffed out two holes...

Between the mushrooms large enough to sit under and the rabbit hole..well, I feel a bit like..

Olive in Wonderland


Walkin' Wednesdays!

Come on Mom..grab the treats and the leash please..let's go!
(see..I am giving her "the look".....)

Hmmm..I smell something ..THERE..Need to get it!!

She always gets a picture of me with my tongue sticking out..how does she do that??

Awww, poor doggies..they were barking a lot at me as I walked by.. Those dogs have a great life ...they live on the next street over from us and their owners set up A perfect dog retreat back there.....Lucky Little Doggies

I met a new friend today..Charlie!! Does he look like someone you know??? He sure smells good.

Charlie is a bit older..by about 7 and a half years. We must be related..look at that profile.

Hope you have a great walk today and get some exercise...playtime in the yard is good but walking down the street is great! So many wonderful smells and people to meet! I love the people...I know they love me, they all come to the park to see me, right?

Here is a great article, full of tips for puppies, --Dog Walking 101
Dog walking for me is still a work in progress...Mom is very patient with me and lets me get my "smelling" in then we walk ..walk ...walk...then smell again...back and forth a bit.I love stopping for treats and water..yummm. I also love to run along side Mom..and now that it has been cold outside..I don't drool and pant as much :) Yes I said..Cold!! 58 for the low..can you believe it?? I know it won't last ..have to love it while we can!

Here's to cool weather and happy walking!


Who Me? Couldn't Be....

Does that picture make it look like maybe I was the one that took the cookies?

Mom baked these yummy cookies and left them on the counter for a dog to see....what else could I do?

Just one taste...that was REALLY all I wanted.

It was worth it....I would do it again.


Are You Ready for Some Pawball?? Mums the word!!

Sunday...Sunday...seems like every Sunday..well this weekend, Saturday too..the family is gathered around the big black screen watching this game again they call football...I still see no feet playing...very odd.I decided to try and play the game..so I grabbed one of the humans footballs and took to the field! Yes, my field has a big blue star...I live in a house with Cowboys...Cowboys Fans that is. That too...Cowboys..yet I see no cows.


So..I tackle the pawball right?

This is the new stadium..we took this picture before it was finished last Spring..think I will be asked to play there soon..for Pawball Season :)

I also helped Mom make these things they call ...Mums. Now we used no mums..just lots of ribbons, glue..bells and oh I wanted it all..just wanted to dive into the basket of things and go wild!! Mom did make a small one for me..but she hung it up in case I got too wild. She wanted me be sure to tell you...she is not a "Mum" Mom..she never did this in the North where she is from..Mums went in the ground and were pretty to look at in the fall. Mums are a bit different in Texas. :)


Splash Down!-Updated..Where is Foxie?

Looks like my friend..Foxie.. had a "pawesome" birthday!! Here she is with her new toys!! Her new splash balls and she loves them!!!

I myself..prefer the ones that SQUEAK!

I think I am much louder than Foxie :)
***After I posted this...and I read Lorenza's Comment..I started thinking..it could be called, "Where's Foxie?" She is so tiny...can't tell if she is the toy! BOL..she is so cute :)


Have a “Wooferful” Weekend! It’s VPKC Friday!

Olive’s Mom Here! Thanks so much for the encouragement this week..been a rough week and Poor Olive..what a good girl she has been. She is scratching at my leg now..I think she wants the keyboard back…silly puppy...

Woof Woof… After all of the rain fell over the last week..we are left with dozens of these...the entire city and all the parks are covered in them!

This one here..keeps growing bigger..BIGGER..it scares me!

As far as the family...everyone is slowly feeling better. The humans are getting lots of rest and lots of juices.
The car is back from the shop too!! Woohoo!! Olive’s car..Vrooom!

***We had a friend celebrate her birthday this week..Foxie! She is not a blogger..yet..trying to get her to be one.***

Celebrate VPKC!!

Have a great weekend friends!


Here Comes The Rain Again....

My Wednesday blog is normally a time for me to share walking tips or exercise and health information..but I only had a quick walk yesterday...and it made me sad. It has been raining hard again since then. sigh....
We have two sick humans home from school now and that makes me sad too....they can't play too much with me as Mom said they need to rest. Mom and the boys have a strange sick day ritual of watching this old movie every day they are sick, yes, everyday..so I have seen this movie everyday this week. Mr. Mom is the movie and they have been watching it on sick days for years and years....Do you have unusual sick day rituals at your house?
Mom's car is STILL in the shop too...I miss the car..I miss our trips out in it during the day...sigh...
Hope you are are all happy and healthy today...Take care.


The Sun Shines Again!

Do you see the sun? Oh I was so excited when the sun came out today!!

Everything seems to be wet still..but smells great!

Tastes good too! Mom LOVES the shots with my tongue sticking out..silly Mom

I just saw a butterfly there..it flew away fast!

Oh what a beautiful day! I missed my backyard and I even went to to the park tonight with Jasmine!!

Been a crazy week...so Moms's car is still in the shop and we had a human home from school sick. He is still not feeling great, so Mom says one more day home to be safe. I have been sitting with him while he sleeps.
Hope all of you are feeling great!


Monday Monday....Raining still...Jacks New Gig and A Read for a Rainy Day...

A corner of the backyard...very wet still from the rain..did I mention..it is still raining?

So we are off to get Mom's car back from the shop today....Have to ride in Dad's car. Not sure I look so good in red. We are really hoping the car is fixed..hard to cram the family and me into the small car..what a sight!

Not sure if everyone saw that Jack has a new gig..be sure to stop by and check it out!! That Jack..always up to something. Stay tuned for his Pay Per View Event--BOL!

Mom is always looking for a new book to read..she asked me to post the link to an excerpt at the NY Times, from a new book she finds interesting :
Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know’ by ALEXANDRA HOROWITZ

Check it out ..good to catch up on some reading when it's too hot or WET to go outside :)
Okay...back to waiting for the rain to end...sigh...

Rain Rain Go Away....Olive Really Wants to Play!

It has been raining for a few days here...I was really wanting to go to the park!! I was giving Mom the "look"
Mom walked me over..I did not see anybody..not even many ducks.

No smells....sigh...
See ..a few ducks...but it is TOO wet for them!! Too wet for ducks!!
I ran back home as fast I could...yuck!
Back to watching out the window...longing for the big yellow ball in the sky...sigh...
Making me so very sleepy.....yawn!!
Back to my Snuggie(yes, I own one..the human version...Bol) and a nap....


More Awards, VPKC &Have a "Wooferful" Weekend!

Thanks to CocoRue for this Pawesome award!! Thanks also to PurpleHatter for making the excellent awards for us bloggers :)

I am so happy to offer this award up to the following friends...drum roll..............

Dory..you deserve to be an Island Princess :)

Lorenza...you are the picture of an Island Princess :)

Jasmine...that name sounds very Island Princess...don't you think?

DaisyDogYou are awarded Island Princess..you are too cute!

Madi...cats make great Island Princesses :)

Please pass this award on to 5 pawesome pups! Also, please be sure to give a bark to Purple Hatter!

Thanks again CocoRue!

Can't forget the Vampire Puppies Club!! It is Friday!!

Please remember to help your fellow puppies... share some food, some blankets...even your time. Be good Puppy & Kitty Citizens. Our friend Dory has lots of information for you regarding VPKC if you want to find out how to join!

Do Your Humans Make YOU Work for Your Food?

There is food in here?? NO way!!
Oh I am going to get the food out!!

If I could just reach...............

AWWW, Come on!

Phew!! Got it..now I need to get the rest out so it will stop making all this noise when I push it around!!


And the award goes to....................

First...thanks to Dory for my award!! I think most of my friends know Dory..but if you don't please stop by and give a loud Woof from Olive! She has a great blog that inspires my Mom! Purple Hatter ---thanks for making such snazzy awards! Bark!
So the winners of the Daisy Dog Your a Class Act Award ...drum roll please.............................
Thor..this one goes to you!
Lorenza...to you!!
Sasha....You too!
My new friend Brutus!!
MaxDog...you get it too!
Okay..I hope I did this right. We have never given out an award before..I will give them out more often..this is just "wooferful"! Please pass the award on to your friends too and give a bark out to the Purple Hatter!!
Please stop by and say hello to the award winners..say hello from Olive!


Have a "Wooferful" Weekend!

This fluffy ball, Mom calls it a Jack O' Lantern/Pumpkin..it was big and full and SQUEAKED! Now, it is flat--HA! The squeaker...well lets just say, he is quiet now!The power of the Olive ...Muhahaha,take that Pumpkin Ball!
Okay , what's next?

Have a "Wooferful" Weekend!
Thank you to all of my new friends that started following me, I am so happy to know you all!!
Licks and Tail Wags!!

Happy VPKC Friday!!!