Weekend Wishes...

I hope everyone has had a great weekend!! I am so sorry I have been MIA the last few days. It has been a hectic weekend for the family. Our family was a bit sick too again toward the end of the week.

We had a game on Friday night so we get home late from those games. Then there was this thing where the kids marched all over the town..all day on Saturday.Lot's of walking!

Saturday night...Mom worked..so that means I slept a lot.

Sunday I woke up and my tummy was very upset. I know I did not eat anything ..weird. So,I took it easy today. Mom took me for a little walk and we watched the Yankee game.



  1. Hi, Olive!
    Sounds like you had an interesting weekend!
    I hope everyone is ok by now!
    Huuuuuuray for the Yankees!!!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Yes, sounds like you have been busy. Hope everyone is feeling good again


  3. Oh Olive,

    We're sooo glad you are better now. It's not fun to be sick.

    We luv you!

    Riley and Star.

  4. Who are these Yankees? Do they play football?

  5. Hi Olive, my family has been kind of sick also. I am sure you have been busy caring for them. I have too. I hope you have a nice week and that everyone is better. My Mommy says "Go Tigers"

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  6. Olive you are too sweet to be sick. I hope you and the humans are feeling much better today.
    Madi and Mom


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