Have a “Wooferful” Weekend! It’s VPKC Friday!

Olive’s Mom Here! Thanks so much for the encouragement this week..been a rough week and Poor Olive..what a good girl she has been. She is scratching at my leg now..I think she wants the keyboard back…silly puppy...

Woof Woof… After all of the rain fell over the last week..we are left with dozens of these...the entire city and all the parks are covered in them!

This one here..keeps growing bigger..BIGGER..it scares me!

As far as the family...everyone is slowly feeling better. The humans are getting lots of rest and lots of juices.
The car is back from the shop too!! Woohoo!! Olive’s car..Vrooom!

***We had a friend celebrate her birthday this week..Foxie! She is not a blogger..yet..trying to get her to be one.***

Celebrate VPKC!!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. We just found you while sniffing around the web, Olive and we would like to be your friend because we think you are furry cute! We will be back some more to read all of your posts but right now momma wants us to go out potty and then go to bed☺

  2. Hi, Olive!
    Glad to know things are going back to normal at your house!
    Those mushrooms are... interesting! Do they grow like Gremlins??
    Happy Birthday to Foxie!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Olive,
    It was great to see you tonight! I enjoy walking and taking in all the smells at the park. I have heard them say to take time to smell the roses; I say take time to smell the park!!

    Happy Birthday to Foxie!

    Sniffs and licks,

  4. Hi Olive, our cute frend.

    Sorry your week has bin sooo blah! But maybe the sun will come out now here in Texas and everybuddy will feel much better for now on!

    Glad you got your car back too.

    Riley and Star.


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