Walkin' Wednesdays!

Come on Mom..grab the treats and the leash please..let's go!
(see..I am giving her "the look".....)

Hmmm..I smell something ..THERE..Need to get it!!

She always gets a picture of me with my tongue sticking out..how does she do that??

Awww, poor doggies..they were barking a lot at me as I walked by.. Those dogs have a great life ...they live on the next street over from us and their owners set up A perfect dog retreat back there.....Lucky Little Doggies

I met a new friend today..Charlie!! Does he look like someone you know??? He sure smells good.

Charlie is a bit older..by about 7 and a half years. We must be related..look at that profile.

Hope you have a great walk today and get some exercise...playtime in the yard is good but walking down the street is great! So many wonderful smells and people to meet! I love the people...I know they love me, they all come to the park to see me, right?

Here is a great article, full of tips for puppies, --Dog Walking 101
Dog walking for me is still a work in progress...Mom is very patient with me and lets me get my "smelling" in then we walk ..walk ...walk...then smell again...back and forth a bit.I love stopping for treats and water..yummm. I also love to run along side Mom..and now that it has been cold outside..I don't drool and pant as much :) Yes I said..Cold!! 58 for the low..can you believe it?? I know it won't last ..have to love it while we can!

Here's to cool weather and happy walking!


  1. I always thought that the puppies who get to go on walks were the lucky ones! :) You look like you're having such fun!

  2. HI
    Looks like you had fun on the walk. Walks are always fun huh?


  3. Hi, Olive!
    Happy Walkie Wednesday!
    I don't have a yard soooo I need to have at least one long walkie everyday!
    And we never see people walking their dogs... lazy people!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Here, here! We love the fall weather too! It's been a little warm this week, but the cool temps are coming! How nice it will be to go for long walkies again and not worry about getting overheated!! Hooray for sweater weather!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  5. Hi Olive!
    Sounds like you had a nice walkie! =)



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