Just a Reminder....VOTE FOR OLIVE!!!

Munchkin Memoirs

***Please be sure to vote for your favorite ears......now they don't have to be mine..although I would love if it you voted for my ears..but all of you have cute ears too.***

In case you forgot what my ears look like, please take a moment to look around the blog...I have so many ear looks :)

Perhaps you need a little persuasion.......I know what worked for Pedro....

(please be sure to pause the music playing before starting the video..not a good mix when they play together....BOL!)

Napoleon Dynamite


  1. Good luck Olive!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  2. I'll vote for you twice.... once for each ear! :)

  3. Hi, Olive!
    Good luck at the contest!
    Kisses and hugs


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