Wubba Lovin'

While chewing my new Wubba...Mom found this Wubba Commercial on You Tube. These doggies are so nice and calm. Not normal dogs at all....must be aliens or robots. You will need to to pause my tunes below to hear their very soothing muisc on the Wubba Ad. For some reason I can't get it to fit on my blog though... :(

Madi...I must confess..my Wubba, well..it no longer squeaks. No ,No..it is not defective...it is not a bad Wubba..I just ripped it right out, it never had a chance.

I still like to use it for Tug o War :) Oh I love Wubba so much, I just like to pull the squeaker out too :)

What was kind of funny..we saw the KONG newsletter today and in it were pictures of Lions and Tigers with Kong toys..and they were in one piece!! I am more ferocious that they are..ROARRRRRRRR.......


  1. That is not the proper way to play Wubba. I already turned mine inside out.


  2. Squeakers are evil and should be removed promptly! Good work, Olive!

  3. Hmmm...we don't have a Wubba! I say it is high time we convinced mom to get us one. Of course it would need to be a little miniature Wubba in order to fit in our mouths, but still we think we should have one. Don't you?

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  4. Have a very happy New Year
    and a wonderful and happy 2010 :-)


  5. I love my wubbas! I have three...water wubba, pink camo inside wubba and tiger stripe outside wubba that is missing several wubba legs and has wubba stumps.

    Wubbas rock!!!

  6. Hi Olive ditto to what Ms. K said... I imagine giving a pup a squeaky toy is the equivalent to giving a child a musical toy....eventually someone will have to get rid of the NOISE!! Glad to know it was you!!! Madi and Mom

  7. I LOVE my pink snugga wubba especially when My Daddy and I play tug of war with it!!!


  8. If that puppy is a real puppy, they must have paid him a lot not to destroy the Wubba!!!

    I think Wubbas are designed to be torn apart so your peoples will have to keep buying you new ones!

  9. Re: Growl on Jack's blog.

    The growl sound was just one from the Internets. Jack has never ever growled at anything. And he generally only barks when he wants something - usually when I'm watching tv.

  10. Hi, Olive!
    I have one of those Wubbas too! And mine is still in one piece! I guess I need to give it more love!
    Kisses and hugs


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