Walking Wednesdays!

It has been beautiful to walk the last few days with the cooler weather and even the snowfall we had, it is so refreshing to get outside and walk :) Now I know..I know, my family was from NY before they adopted me, so they view Winter now in Texas as a treat, I smile and let them enjoy their silliness.
Our walks have been a lot of fun..a few things though to keep in mind in the winter months.
*I almost sent Mom on a trip when I went running down a steep hill and there was ice! Yikes!! She slipped but did not fall..phew! So remember that.
* Let the people wear their gloves and mittens....don't try to RIP them off when walking, they get cold and tend to shorten the walks when we do that.
*It's best for your people to keep the walk moving...when they stand too long and they are cold, they tend to once again, want to end the walk early..not fun when that happens. So keep sniffing in check, plenty of time once Spring comes to stop and smell the flowers and other dogs..etc...
Now just make sure we(dogs&cats) are not outside either very long or we get cold too and if we are willing to wear cute little booties or sweaters, go for it..now I would NEVER but I have some friends that look pretty darn cute wearing them :) I like to rough it, that is just me.
Rock Salt on sidewalks can be tough on our paws too....so rinse them please if we are walking on it much.
As always...drink water.
Those are my Winter Walking Tips...please share yours , I would love to hear them. Either for Peeps or Dogs..Cats too :)


  1. Good tips Olive - thanks!

  2. If... for some miracle I get snow one day... I will keep in mind all your tips!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Sometimes cold is good - sometimes it's not. Here's wishing you a good mixture of cold and not cold for the upcoming year!!!

  4. Momma always takes at least one spill on the ice every winter. She says that due to wearing so many clothes and having a jolly bottom she does not get hurt.

    Her big complaint is having to take her gloves off to pick up poopsicles. Hehehe.


  5. Hi Olive and family.
    We enjoyed reading your tips. We send you all many good wishes for health and happiness in 2010. Madi and Mom

  6. Good Tips Olive,
    Its going to be freezing here tonight, way below -0 so I am just staying inside tonight with Mom and watch movies.


  7. Happy New Year Olive...love your new header!


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