I am Stronger than FIRE.well, fire hose that is ...

Mom seems to be on a mission to find me toys that cannot be chewed through..even though they are ..chew toys. Jack seems to have a similar issue at his house..we get toys like the one in the pictures..made of fire hose..yawnnnn, I chewed it up, made a hole and am now in pursuit of the mighty squeaker nestled inside it's tummy....muhahaha. We have KONG toys too...I love them, but chew them right up, then she buys more and so on ...I love Buster Cube, now Buster Cube I cannot chew..it tires me out. Buster Cube was the toy that made me work to get my food. I recently tried Dogzilla Toys...yawnnnnnnnn. Nylabone....nice and enjoyable not long lasting.BOL!
Bring them on, lets see what she finds next to give me.
Have a wooferful weekend!! Bark!!


  1. Jack has the same capability!!

    I'll look at the Buster Cube and see how long it takes him to make it into holes!

  2. Hi, Olive!
    I am sure you give your mom a hard time finding you those toys!
    I guess I need you to teach me how to chew and destroy toys!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Woof! Hi There. Glad that you got my Holiday ecard and visited my blog. I enjoyed reading your older post. Also, LOVE you have a music (mom wants to add one for the holiday ... we LOVE Jack Johnson). GEE! you actually chewed a KONG! WOW! I am not chewer my family is very lucky that I did not chew anything in the house n I don't like toys ... just LOVE treat inside my KONG. Oh! by the way, saw my blog button on your sidebar. Oh! I feel so special. Looking forward to your friendship. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Hallo Olive, das schmecht richtig gut. Nicht kaputt machen, es sei denn, Du bekommst zu Weihnachten was Neues. Lass Dich fest drücken. Deine Betty

  5. Nothing can stop the jaws of steel!


  6. Hi Olive
    Madi and I hope you are having a good weekend.
    You are a very strong and beautiful girl.
    We've been busy here at the house lots of decorating. BTW your tree to the right is beautiful.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Hi Olive! You sure had so much fun with all those toys!

  8. What a strong puppy you are Olive...I can only destroy stuffies...but I do a real good job of it!!


  9. hey Olive, i only know how to chew my blankies and towels and destroy/shred them sometimes bol

    you are strong bol...


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