Under the Desk on Wordless Wednesday!

Note from the human: This what I saw when I looked under my desk yesterday while I was working. Many, many apologies for not keeping up on the blog. We are thinking of you all always. Watch for a post ASAP! Sending all my love and Olive sends a million licks!


  1. I want to see that when I look under my desk. Alas I just see a trash can


  2. My dogs used to like to sit under my desk sometimes. Not sure why they quit. I liked it because it made me think they enjoyed being near me.

  3. Oh Olive...Do you need some help destuffing your stuffy???

    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

  4. Hi Olive and Mom. How you been?
    Do you know that Bambi died June 3rd. She was almost 14 years old. I miss her so!!
    Yesterday I singed up to foster a little dog. She will be here next Monday afternoon. I will have pictures of her on my blog the next day!!
    How is Mom feeling?? Do you have rain coming from Don??
    xx, Fern


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