Saturday Means...

It is Saturday and yes I missed another week in the blogger world. Once again, not my fault! My lovely assistant has taken a promotion at work and now has even less time than before! I think I need a vacation! She can stay and work and I can lounge on the beach far away...

I was thinking about this day...Saturday. What does Saturday mean to you? Do you plan lots of activities, parties on your Saturday? Do you run errands with your people and shop all day?? Is it the day you hike and get outside finally for the week or do you stay inside and eat food and watch all of your recorded TV Shows and movies from the week? 

Saturday for me... means longer walks with my human, long late breakfasts... which means bacon! Then I crash all over the house and Mom runs around cleaning and getting MORE food for everyone.  I love Saturday.... Don't you??

Slideshow Friday on Saturday!

Chicago 1960's


  1. great photos :)


  2. Saturday's for me when I worked meant I got to sleep in. I used the day to run errands I didn't get done during the week and then just lounged around on Sunday's usually.

    Now I'm on summer break from school and it's mostly just another day.

  3. What great pikhs!

    I'm glad she's working fur a living and not just riding around aimlessly!


  4. Hi, Olive!
    Congratulations to your mom!
    And sure you enjoy saturdays!
    Here we don't have lots of things to do but sure it is great to wake up not so early and then enjoy a lazy day!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Hi Olive and Mom,
    So happy for making more money!! Congrats!!
    We love Saturdays b/c Tom is home all day and Sunday too!! We go to the farmers market on Sat AM. We love to go to the Farmers Market. Bambi use to love to go too.
    I am devastated over her lose. It was so fast!!
    I know with all my heart it was her time to go but I wanted her to live as long as I will. I am trying to kink about it in a positive way but it is too soon!!! I am so lost!!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words to me!!
    xx, Fern

  6. Hey, Olive! Mazel tov to your mom. Glad to see she's getting the important stuff done: taking you for walks, earning money for your noms and toys, and we hope lots of belly rubs.

    Jed & Abby


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