Happy Halloween! BEWARE... SCARY Pumpkin...oooooohhhhh

I guess maybe I should tell the family.. about the Yankees huh?  BOL!

Happy Halloween Friends!!!


A Few Words on Wordless Wednesday....

 Happy October to everyone! I know I have been MIA ... We are working on that yet again. Mom is complaining she is busy with work and the boys...excuses excuses! 
As you can see, I have managed to steal some kisses when I can! Kiss Kiss!!

I am still trying to squeeze in the occasional adventure each afternoon when I walk Mom. This is my The walk is over?? face then I get her to walk a few more minutes..it almost always works!
Can you believe where I put my head??? I will just stick it ANYTHING!

Have a great day and have many happy adventures today!


Are Those My Ears?? Slideshow Friday!

First I have to say-- my boy and his band placed FIRST in the BOA Regional we had last weekend.. now they go to San Antonio! We are so proud of them!!
I never get to see my ears from behind you see... how was I to know they look like this?

Oh my goodness... and here! I am not sure what to say...is this normal? 


Colorado 1960

Have a fabulous weekend friends... I will be stopping by to say hello this weekend!! A million licks and tail wags to you!!