Almost Wordless....

Remember a year ago I started talking about my boyfriend Romeo? We saw him today at the park... I was in shock and just melted. I could not move at all... So there he is my friends...Romeo.

** That is the closest I can get to him.. he likes me, but he seems to be upset when I see him.. kind of showing his teeth**


Monday Monday....

Woof Woof friends!! I know I know.. where has Olive been you ask??

Well, I have been right here.... and right there... come and see where I am and what I do most days!

I start here .. looking out the backdoor. I see bunnies, birds, squirrels, and even ducks.
We go out to the backyard and I get a few sniffs...I look under the shed to terrorize .. I mean to say good morning to my friends... the bunnies.

Then, we take our walk to the park and sometimes through the neighborhood. Mom says I walk "better" in the neighborhood. Not sure what that means, but I don't seem to stop as much.
 I sniff some .... then I sniff some more, you get the idea...DO you guys sniff like me?
 Then I spot something , I need to go check it out.
I think I saw a lizard run in here... I don't seem to be able to fit!
Now I notice a trend with the rest of my walk... I look up a LOT! I am crazy for lizards and squirrels. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I return home...Time for my nap...ZzzzZzzz... Sweet Dreams Friends and Here's to Happy Adventures even if they are in your neighborhood ..or under the shed ...


Happy Friday-Have a Wooferful Weekend!! My Award!!

Woof Woof everyone!! I hope you had a great week! It has heated up again here in Texas! The rain was wonderful while it lasted..please come back!
I had a trip to the vet to have my special glands cleaned.. ahem.. and well.. I feel much better. I was scooting across the  entire living room this week.. it was so sad :( Now I hope I am okay for a few months. Mom is going to continue giving me  organic pumpkin which does seem to help and I love to eat it!

Can you hardly believe it is the middle of July?? Wow! All my dog days are just going so fast... there is just not enough to chase the rabbits under my shed and hunt for lizards in the bushes!

Thank You Sprinkles for my award!! I was so excited to see that comment!! You really made my day!! If you don't know Sprinkles yet.. please stop by and say Olive sent you :)
Now for SlideShow Friday....................Where shall we go today?
These were actually taken by Mom and Dad a few years ago while on vacation in Upstate New York.

Happy Weekend and Stay Cool Friends!

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Happy Weekend!! Slideshow Friday on Sunday ....

Wow...it has been so long since I posted. Once again.. Mom is FAILING to do her job for me! Sigh...She has had time to read a book or two I noticed and work at her job but blogging for me.. well.. I am not sure what to say about her.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We have had so much rain lately.. I do make Mom take me for long walks in the rain! I love to walk in the mud and puddles! We had a great 4th of July but I was a bit frightened by the noises and I had a hard time walking at night after that. I think I am okay now... but it was so very scary for me. :( 

Those slides above are from time spent in the 1000 Islands in 1981. They just look like summer....
Have a "wooferful" rest of the weekend!!! I will be around to say hi to everyone today!! 


Have a Wooferful Weekend!!Slideshow Friday on Saturday....

 Have a wonderful July 4th!!
Those family slides above are from Upstate New York .. I believe from around...1955 or so.

I sure hope everyone is having a great summer!! So many wonderful sporting events to watch!! Everything from soccer to cycling.. encouraging everyone to head outside I hope :)


I am always looking up in those trees huh? The Squirrels are everywhere and taunting me with their little squirrel tails! 

Have a Wooferful Weekend! Woof!! 

Licks and Tail Wags from Me!