Not So Wordless Wednesday......

Woof Woof .. Happy Walking Wednesday Everyone!!
We had a wonderful walk.. okay, our morning walks are not really walks anymore.. that is the daily hike. We walk two times a day..once in the morning and once at night. The morning walk is a hike..we venture to the woods and I get to explore and go up and down the hills chasing squirrels..dragging Mom. Today was just wonderful..lots of birds chirping...Cardinals and Blue Jays flying from tree to tree. Plenty of squirrels to watch and lots of peace. Mom said it is her favorite time of the day. Our night walk is just that.. a walk. We walk and meet up with friends..meet some new ones and get in a good mile or so each night. I come home so tired.. I crash after we walk in the backdoor. Phew!
Thank You so much Martine and Kiddlets .. at I need a Sugar Fix. This post is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue and I am so sorry for that. I love this so much!! I can't seem to stand still long enough for a good picture of me being wiped... Muhahaha! I will try :)

I know I am so far behind on the blogs... :( I will catch up this week! So look for me please :) Don't forget me.. 
I am on Twitter pretty often, its so easy to Tweet and I can do it with my big paws even!! So look for me on there too!
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Have a Wooferful Weekend!!! Slideshow Friday--Olive Style

As you can see.. I am now writing the blog.. Mom was my assistant, but I think she may be let go. She has not fulfilled her commitment to the blog lately..She is making my tail wag very fast!!
The hardest part of blogging on my own .. well my paws seem to push so many keys at once! Ugh.. I have to type everything over and over .. I have so many typsosda <--------see that is the issue.. ack!

We shall see if she can prove her self worthy of assisting me again. She has promised once school is over she will be on top of it again... Ha! We shall see....

So.. here I am writing and posting my own blog. Sigh....

She does this Slideshow Friday on here.. I am going to show my favorite slides.. NO PEOPLE! Just animals! Hmph!

There are a few people I guess, but they look like nice people 
Russia ..around 1960 or so...

Switzerland 1969
Switzerland Still....
Oh my dog!! You guys want some cheese??? Swiss Cheese... from 1969 .
In case anyone is wondering why we have slides of cheese and cattle.. Dad's grandparents were Dairy Farmers .

Have a wooferful Weekend Everyone! 
I will be easy on MOM..no bacon for her!!!


Happy Mother's Day!! GABE Prize #2 Coming Soon.....

This nice man deliivered these to our house! I was so excited.. wagging my tail.. shaking my bottom.. Oooh Ooh for me?? I was soon to realize... it was for Mom from her friend... for Mother's Day! It was yummy.... well, all I got were little bits of strawberry, but still I gobbled that up!

Here I am Mama Olive and my Baby Puppies ...

I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother's Day!!! I will be around to check out all the Mothers Day Wishes today.. Mom has been so busy with work and all of us..I will force her to sit and BLOG!!!

We have a post coming this week about my #2 GABE prize.. I feel like a real pampered pooch when I use it... ooohhh la la... Maybe we can have a puppy spa here!

***Happy Mother's Day!!***


GABE Prize and Slideshow Friday on Sunday Night!! Woof!!

Yes I am still here! Phew.. it is May.. and that means Mom is in full end of the year gear with the boys. It has been so hectic with school and her work... I sit patiently of course each day... :)

I have to say Thank You to Bunta and Yumi for my wonderful GABE Prize they sent from .. JAPAN!! It was shipped and I had it less than two days later!! Wowza!! Mom loves the bag so much!!

Paper Cranes.. A token of friendship.

This Rebecca Bonbon bag is so adorable!! I kept looking for a squeaker... it must be hidden in there somewhere! Mom wont let me grab it ..she just carries it around town... love it!

Thanks again and please check them out if you have not yet.. Bunta The French Bulldog living in Kyoto, Japan

Also check out Tucker's GABE Prize Post when he opened our package if you have not seen that yet!! Wild!! He loves things that squeak too!!!

Our Slidehow pics are a bit late this weekend... watching the Kentucky Derby reminded us of the slides we have from there...It's my understanding they(Dad's parents) took the trip every year. 

 Enjoy them.. they are such a treasure to our family....

 The Kentucky Derby 1979